Chapter 14

Late that night after Aracely declined dinner in the main dining hall with some of the council members, citing feeling ill, she instead stayed in the bed chambers. She felt better after speaking with Gabriella and confirmed that she suspected she was pregnant, only that they had to wait for Carson to return for confirmation as he had been out of town visiting family.

Picking at the fruit that was left for her, she was tired, but at the same time she was not. Her mind seemed to be in overdrive, trying to piece together what she could remember from her childhood but apart from some fancy parties that she knew she dreaded, there was little else before moving to San Franciskus.

“Well then, I take it that everything is sorted for the time that I will be gone,” John said as he pushed his plate forward. “Do not hesitate to send a fast rider to San Franciskus should there be a problem, but I am leaving it in your capable hands. Do not disappoint me.” He then got up. “Have a good night, gentlemen.” John made his way to his quarters as fast as he could, Aracely had had a tiresome and emotional day and he wanted to be with her if she needed him.

Aracely laid in bed with a book, reading but not quite reading the novel. She simply could not focus enough between learning of her heritage and the infant she carried not liking nearly everything she tried to eat. She felt as if she was simply being attacked from all directions and just didn’t want to deal with any of it.

He grinned as he entered their chambers. “It’s easier to read if you didn’t put the book upside down.”

“It’s not upside down,” she frowned up at him. “Do you know how to read Latin?” she asked.

He shrugged and climbed on the bed. “Very basic Latin. Father wanted me to study a language that was clearly more ancient than he was. We have scholars to tell us what the Latin words say, I could never really grasp it.” He softly kissed her and stole a piece of fruit that was still on the tray.

Aracely returned the kiss and pushed the platter closer to him. “You can have it. It’s not quite agreeing with me tonight,” she sighed and closed the book after slipping a paper in the pages to mark her place. Rolling onto her back, she stared up at the ceiling. “I don’t know how to react to all this.”

“You take a deep breath, clear your head and deal with one thing at a time.” John nodded as he crawled up closer to Aracely and put his arms around her.

“Why didn’t you just tell Gabriella about the baby?” she asked, changing topic some. “After I explained to her what I had learned the past few days, she seemed to be hung on the fact that you tried to deceive her about my condition.”

“She’s your friend, she shouldn’t hear it from me,” he answered absentmindedly as he ran his finger up and down her leg.

She frowned. “You could have told her when she asked. In the future, John, do not hesitate to share something good like that. I would not be upset at all if that is what you thought. With everything else about to happen, the child is the greatest gift in the world.”

“I know, and I know, but she’s your friend, you should be the first one to tell her that you’re pregnant.”

Aracely didn’t say anything in response and simply continued to lay there while John continued to run a light touch over her legs. After several minutes, a small smirk crept onto her face. “If you are going to touch me, at least do it properly,” she said, with a deepness in her voice before she bent her head to look at him.

John looked up to her after he snapped out of his thoughts. “Hmm? I like this, just laying here.”

She grinned as she lifted her legs up and over him to let them stretch across his. “It is, but it will also be the last evening for several before we lose any sense of privacy. Vala will have no qualm about barging into my home in San Franciskus – guard or no guard.”

“That is if Halling lets us stay at your house.”

“He will. I am sure by now the barn has been fixed for extra space if I know him as well as I believe,” she replied, bending one leg so that one of her feet rested high up on his thigh.

Shrugging, he started to trail a finger across her foot. “We could always stay at the soldier station…”

“Nearly a three day travel from the village? I am sorry but I think not,” she replied as she sat up, forcing her foot to shift closer to his center. “There is no reason that we could not stay in any of the homes in town. Even Halling’s former home if it has not been claimed would suffice.”

“Two days travel, at most. I was slacking when I got the food cart.” John pointed out.

She narrowed her eyes at him before grabbing a pillow from behind her and threw it at him. Quickly she pulled herself to the head of the bed and sat there grinning mischievously at the shocked look on his face.

He kicked off his shoes to be more comfortable on the bed. He crawled up to her and put his head in her lap while he put his arms around her legs. “Yes, definitely more comfortable.”

“And if I am not?” Aracely asked as she looked down upon him, some evil idea forming in her mind.

He shrugged as he slid up her shirt with one hand and started to caress her stomach. “I was thinking, while I was having dinner with the council, that I could give you a massage… you probably want one, you’ve endured enough stress as it is.”

She frowned slightly as his offer did not quite match what she had been considering but it did not falter her. “That sounds lovely,” she replied before letting go of him to tug on her robe.

“But then again,” John mischievously ran a finger up and down her inner thigh. “I’m not sure…”

“Did you wish to massage outside, or inside my body?” she asked in a similar tone to his as she let the robe fall around them.

“Hmm…” he tugged on her robe before sliding down the bed and started to kiss her feet.

“Hmm?” she mimicked him in her way, pulling her foot away from him. “What do you wish?”

He grabbed hold of her leg and rolled over. “Well… I don’t know…” he smirked up to her, realizing the position he was in, he was laying between her legs.

She grinned down at him as she stretched her legs out along side his body. “What do you know then my Lord?” she asked.

“Well… I know that you’re beautiful, and in a very… very compromising position right now.” He grinned as he opened her robe and started to tug on her underwear.

“I am I suppose. What do you think I should do about it?” she asked innocently as she reached out run her fingers through his hair.

“Nothing,” John grinned.

“I see,” she murmured. “And what does my husband wish to do about it?”

“I want to completely ravage you, my love.” John looked up to her with dark eyes filled with lust. “I’m just a little hesitant, I do not wish to hurt our unborn child.”

Aracely smiled as she rested her palm on his cheek. “Then simply be gentle. I doubt you would harm the baby considering it is only so small now,” she grinned. “However, if you do not do something soon, I feel as if I will explode from my desires!” she cried out.

He got to his knees and started taking off her underwear as he kissed her. “Hmm… Aracely splatter against the bedroom walls… how am I going to explain that to my servants?”

“That you failed to please your wife quickly enough?” she smirked. “I do not know how you would be able to explain that my dear.”

John gently pulled her so that she was laying down and he had all access to her body once he had gotten rid of the fabric that was hiding her skin away from him. He eagerly started to kiss one of her breasts, teasing her nipple with his tongue as one of his hands descended to her center.

The hormones that coursed through her body made Aracely feel each sensation almost tenfold. She tried to keep her head up so that she could watch John, but it was so overwhelming for her that her head fell back to let out a loud moan and bury her fingers tightly into his mess of dark hair.

He moved on to her other breast, and playfully bit her nipple as he rubbed the pleasure spot between her legs before making her ready for him. He chuckled as she gasped and screamed at the same time, almost kicking him off the bed. John then blew on her nipple, making it dry again before licking it again.

Aracely bucked her hips from instinct before she decided she had enough. Pushing him up and off her, she managed to flip them over until she was on top, straddling his stomach. She grinned at him as she moved an arm behind to grab onto his cock firmly, but gentle. “I think I want to claim this for my own tonight,” she said as she stroked him slowly.

John moaned. “It is yours… always… unless I have to use the bathroom.” He gently caressed her breasts, her wonderful, round breasts, occasionally brushing her nipples with his thumbs.

She stared at the man, locking her eyes on him as she moved herself back and into position. Holding his engorged member, she slowly pressed her hot center over him, letting him fill her at her own pace. As she pressed down further, until she was nearly to the hilt of his cock, her eyes rolled closed, her jaw fell slack as she she let her head fall back to let out a gloriously satisfied moan of pleasure.

Aracely was beautiful the way she let him fill her, her soft noises and moans were enough to send him right over the edge but he wasn’t going to be selfish as Aracely had been right; a six day trip with the carriage and then staying in San Franciskus with everyone wanting a piece of Aracely day or night, some ‘alone time’ wasn’t going to happen, and he knew that the guards coming with them would get a heart attack from their Queen getting hugged all the time.

He noticed that there was an ever so slight change in the way her breasts looked already, and there was a small swelling of the abdomen. She looked absolutely divine. Once she was settled and started to move, he gently placed his hands at her sides and looked at her. “I love you, Aracely.”

She raised her head to look at him but was unable to let out any words. However, the smile and short pants she released as she stared at him as she took what she wanted of his body, her fingers gently exploring his chest and arms, was filled with all the emotions and feelings she’d developed over those previous weeks since coming with him to the castle and marrying the man. Leaning down, she pressed her lips to his, citing the new ability for him to wrap his strong arms around her waist to hold her to him as he thrust into her body from beneath her. She was unable to contain any restraint as she cried out when she felt her body explode and then collapse as she lay across him weakly.

He chuckled as he softly kissed the top of her head. There was no way for him to reach to a high point himself at their current position and he didn’t mind, as long as Aracely wouldn’t fall asleep on him because that would make things really uncomfortable for him. “How about an outer body massage?” he managed to say before taking a deep breath.

Aracely hummed happily and turned her head to look at him. “You do not wish to satisfy yourself my love?” she asked.

“Of course, but you really deserve that massage.” He smiled widely at her.

Rolling off of him but keeping enough strength up in her arms to pull him with her so that he was on top, she grinned cheekily. “I still would enjoy your massage but I believe that you are not yet finished,” she said as she glanced down to his cock that was still at full attention, pressing against her folds.

John chuckled and softly kissed her lips, then trailed off to her neck. “Hmm… if you insist…” He got to his knees and placed his hands on her thighs, slowly moving up her body with his fingertips. He teased her for a while with kisses and light touches and made sure she was breathing evenly again before guiding himself back into her rosy gates of pleasure.

Aracely closed her eyes as she continued to smile. She came to enjoy this time very much – more so than she thought she ever would after it being so painful early on. Letting her body sink into the soft covers and pillows of the bed, she shifted her body slightly, just enough for John to be comfortable in her, and to watch him lazily. She found that despite the devotion they shared for one another around the castle, this was the only time they could actually feel that bond they developed and was otherwise intangible.

As he started to thrust faster and deeper inside of her, he looked down on his wife who looked as if she was in absolute heaven. He made a mental note for getting the painter in the castle to make a beautiful portrait of Aracely and to hang it somewhere prominent, for everyone to see; he was so proud of her.

It didn’t take him long to reach his own climax and made sure not to fall on top of her while his body was riding out the wave of pleasure. He breathed deeply as he laid his head between her breasts and tried to compose himself again.

She could not been more at ease than that moment. She let her fingers gently comb through his hair as he rested his head on her and sighed with deep content. “Feel better my dear?” she asked with a wry smile on her lips.

John hummed appreciatively with a smile on his face as he softly caressed the breast he was looking at. “I am too lazy to give you a massage now.”

Aracely laughed lightly as she continued to pet him, loving his weight against her body. “I am sure there will be enough times to come if what I hear of carrying a child is true,” she replied. “Painful backs and ankles seems to be among the greatest discomforts until the birth night that is.”

He looked up to her and smirked. “My hands will be always at your disposal, and if not, I’m sure that Teyla knows someone who could do a great massage as well,” he then kissed her breast and got off of her only to lay down again and take her in his arms. “And it’s untrue what they say about giving birth at night, I was born during the day, and so were Teyla’s children.”

“I meant it metaphorically, in just the general idea of when the baby is ready to come. Some said it would hurt greater than the first night you and I shared,” she said as she moved to snuggle up against him and hook her leg over his.

He remembered Teyla’s screams when she was giving birth to Torren, she was all the way at the other side of the castle and he could still hear her. He wasn’t going to tell Aracely that. “I am sure you will do great,” he smiled and caressed her hair. “Any idea what you’re going to do when we’re in San Franciskus?”

“Make sure everyone is fine. Would we be able to bring Radell and his family back with us? I don’t think it would be wise to let them continue there after his remaining daughter was taken,” she frowned.

“Why not?” John looked at her. “Now that the Chulakkan’s have been stopped and the men who betrayed this Kingdom have been replaced, there should be plenty of food and protection starting to come to the village… or do you want to bring some of the Castle’s livestock with us tomorrow?”

She thought about it a moment and nodded. “That would help them get started greatly,” she smiled as she settled against him more snug. Yawning, she started humming a tune that was as familiar to her as it was unfamiliar at the same time.

“Although I doubt that Ronon left them with nothing…” he absentmindedly caressed her arm. “But we will bring some extra horses with us, I doubt you want slow cows or goats slowing us down.”

“No but they could be sent with another group to arrive soon after,” she shrugged and continued to hum.

John chuckled and nodded. “As you wish… why are you humming the anthem of Proculus?”

“I’m not. It’s just a child’s song that my mother sang to me over the years,” she replied.

“Not quite.” John winced, having had to memorize the songs of neighboring kingdoms when he was little; the one from Chulakka was the worst as it was partly in their own language.

“I don’t want to think about those – people – again until we return. Right now, this evening, within these walls is about just you and I and no one else,” she said firmly and with an air of authority that comes with the blood of a leader.

“Yes, my Queen.” John replied and kissed her tenderly. He pulled the covers over them when Amelia entered the chambers with her eyes averted, and she went straight to their closets to retrieve some clothing for their trip. “Since we’ll be bringing in a second group… do you want them to take back some more belongings that belong to you?” he asked Aracely.

“I don’t see why not. I believe that I still have some of my mother’s dresses that may fit me better in the coming weeks,” she answered. “It would be nice to have a part of her with me like that still.”

He smiled, he could relate to that sentiment. “Okay.”


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