Chapter 16

Myriam didn’t want any part in ‘Stefan and Klaus’ Awesome Adventures’ in finding a werewolf pack. Klaus no doubt was revelling in his freedom, something Myriam had hoped he’d do with her, but he instead spent the time with Stefan the Ripper. And Stefan the Ripper hurt her heart.

She couldn’t stay in Mystic Falls. She needed everyone to decompress and not be so… hateful. Returning to New Orleans without Klaus or any Original vampire would likely mean death. So, instead, Myriam went to Disney World. She then spent a few weeks in Hawaii, before heading back to Europe for a few weeks.

Oh, Klaus wasn’t too happy about it, but Myriam didn’t want to spend weeks and weeks surrounded by him and Stefan having fun together. Besides, he was looking for werewolves, and she hated those. So. Much.

She found a wolf pack in a small village in Indonesia and set their town on fire. She was fast, but not fast enough as a wolf had bitten her, and she didn’t have Klaus’ blood on her. Frustrated, she sent him a text to meet up and he sent Chicago. Great. She had to endure a very long flight to get the cure.

She hated wolves.

By the time she landed in Chicago, she felt as if her skin was infested by ants, crawling underneath every layer and she wanted it to stop. Klaus was waiting for her as she got off the plane. “Did you learn your lesson?” Klaus said lightly. “You do not play with wolves all by yourself.”

“Do we need to do this now?”


Myriam growled. “If you want to get rid of me so bad…”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Klaus huffed as he bit his hand and offered it to her. “Just promise you’ll stay? I’m about to get Rebekah out of her box.”

Myriam drank what she needed, she could feel his blood mix with her own and rid her body of the wolf infection. “Rebekah?” she asked as she wiped her mouth. “Why?”

“Do you remember her necklace? It was our Mother’s.”


“Gloria needs it so she can tell me how I can make hybrids without killing more wolves.”

Myriam took her bag and hit him over the head with it. “You know it yourself! Just use your brain!”

“What do you mean?”

She let out a frustrated groan. “What was used to create you?”

“The blood of a doppelganger.”

“Right. And what was used to bind your wolfy side?”

“The blood of a doppelganger.”

“And what was used to unbind that curse?”

“The blood of-”

“A freaking doppelganger. Now, tell me, you’re something unnatural, what will you need to balance out the fact that you’re both a freaking wolf and a vampire?”

“Elena’s blood?”

“Ding ding! You win the laundry machine!” Myriam cheered. “No need for that witch or undaggering Rebekah. Besides, the necklace you seek was in Elena’s possession, Stefan gave it to her. I guess Stefan has it back or Jeremy has it.”

“What?!” Klaus fumed. “And it wasn’t his to give!”

Myriam shrugged. “Don’t ask me how he got it. I don’t know that,” she replied as she looped her arm through his. “So, why Chicago?”

“For the witch, of course,” Klaus sighed, shaking his head. “But now I won’t have to bother. I am going to kill her, though. And we’ll have some fun with Stefan… and Rebekah. You see… back in 1922… I met Stefan Salvatore here in Chicago, and he was magnificent.”

“Let me guess,” she sighed. “He fell in love with Rebekah, so you daggered her and compelled him.”

“Mikael was in town, working with the Chicago Police Department. I had to think quick on my feet.”


“But wouldn’t it be nice if I told Stefan to remember when I produce Rebekah?”

“You’re evil,” Myriam nodded. “Do it. You are making him a Ripper again after I detoxed him for the safety of Mystic Falls and your doppelganger is a good punishment for him after all the shit he’s done in the past. And torturing him is always a good thing. Rebekah will get over it.”

She quietly followed Klaus when he went to fetch Stefan and undaggered Rebekah, before following them to Stefan’s old apartment. She was fascinated with the stories Klaus told her about Stefan, how he had encountered him before, and how he knew how Stefan operated as Ripper. Myriam knew that Klaus was disappointed, he couldn’t make hybrids without a doppelganger, they’d likely had to wait for another 500 years for him to be able to do so.

When Klaus and Stefan left the apartment, Myriam lingered, because she wanted to know more. She wanted to read every single name that Stefan had written down, not out of guilt, but because they were trophies. Reading their names reminded him of the kill, the thrill of the hunt and it was disturbing. “Alright, you can come out now, Elena,” Myriam sighed as she pulled open the bookcase. “Klaus may not have heard your heartbeat or smelled you, but I did. So Bonnie managed to save you? Impressive!”

When Elena lunged at her with a knife, Myriam stepped aside and let the girl trip. “Oh please,” she rolled her eyes at her before taking a step into the closet and was shocked to see the seemingly endless list of names. She wasn’t shy when it came to killing, but she always had a reason, a good reason, when she killed. This list of names were innocent people, killed for shits and giggles by a demented maniac. “Fuck me,” she muttered.

It wasn’t just a list of the people he killed in Chicago, but his father’s name was on it, too. Same as Zak Salvatore. So he was proud of killing them both? “Jesus fuck, Elena, and you chose to love him?”

“That’s not Stefan,” she said quickly as she got to her feet. “Not the Stefan that I know.”

“That’s not the real Stefan,” Myriam said as she exited the closet with another bottle of 1918 Single Malt and uncapped it before drinking almost half of it in one go. “No, feeding off of animals is safer, but it’s not natural to him.”

“You can cure him, right? You helped him before?”

“Why would I? Do you honestly think that Stefan can face you now that you know about his dirty little secret? I don’t see him returning to Mystic Falls, at least not on his own accord,” Myriam replied as she sat down on the dirty couch. “I helped him once, but that was out of my own interests and those of Klaus. Now? I don’t need to. I don’t want to.”

“You said you’d keep me safe.”

“That was before the ritual. Now everything is free game,” Myriam shrugged as she took another sip from the bottle. “Hello Damon,” she said as she didn’t move. “Good job leaving her alone for Klaus and Stefan to find.”

“Yeah, well, believe me, I had an hour to realize what a bad idea it was to leave Elena alone. I processed it and moved on,” Damon replied. “Shouldn’t you be hanging out with the dastardly duo?”

“I’m free to go wherever I please. I told Klaus I wanted to linger for a bit, to see his list with my own eyes.”

“Painful, huh?”

“He’s a psychopath.”

“He’s my brother.”

“He’s a lost cause.”

“Oh screw you, Myriam. Why are you even here? Spying for Klaus?”

“Nope,” Myriam said as she set the bottle down on the table and walked over to Elena. “I came to get something back, something that belonged to my family and wasn’t Stefan’s to give.”

Elena took a step back and clutched her necklace. “No, you can’t take it.”

“Hand it over, or I’ll break your hand,” Myriam threatened her.

“Myriam!” Damon warned her. “Leave Elena alone.”

“Hand it over, Elena. I won’t hesitate to kill you for it. Or Damon,” she said as she threw the advancing Damon into the nearest wall. “Now. Give it to me, and I’ll keep mum about your status to Klaus for as long as I can.” She held out her hand with a small smile on her lips. “I know it’s filled with vervain, so don’t you worry about that.”

Elena sighed as she pulled off her necklace and gave it to Myriam, who immediately put it in a bag and into her pocket. “Good girl. Now, might I suggest you leave Chicago? If Klaus finds out you’re alive, you’re dead.”

“I’m here to save Stefan,” Elena said defiantly. “You can’t stop me.”

“Ah, but now that you’re without your protection…” Myriam smirked as she pat her pants pocket. “I could. Wake up, Elena. If Klaus knows you’re still alive, he’ll want you to become his pet for your blood. Stefan doesn’t want you anymore. Not now he’s like this. He won’t come back that easily from this like last time. You can never cure a Ripper, only manage the symptoms.”

“Oh, way to crush her hope, Myriam.”

“And you’re foolish to help her!” Myriam shot at him. “Klaus won’t hesitate to kill you, Damon, if you continue this path.”

“Well you try and stop me,” he said as he moved between Myriam and Elena. “You got what you came for, now you can join your husband again.”

Myriam narrowed her eyes at him. “I might just kill Stefan.”

“No!” Elena cried out.

Myriam let out a snort as she left the apartment, joining Klaus and Stefan in the storage facility where Klaus was keeping the rest of their family. It was so hard to see Kol’s coffin and not to open it. Then again, she could open it and see how he was doing, maybe plant a new demon on him to keep him company in his slumber. Just a peek.

So that’s what she did. He was laying so handsomely in his coffin, a small smile on his face. She gently caressed his desiccated face to release the demon who had kept him company for so long and for a second there, she could feel Kol stir ever so slightly. “Shh… you’re getting a new one,” she whispered before attaching a storyteller to him. “Soon. I’ve not forgotten about you, Mon Chou.”

The whole Stefan/Rebekah reunion was a downer, she had anticipated more sparks, but it was quite civil. Until the necklace came up and both siblings were freaking out. “Relax,” Myriam rolled her eyes as she gently closed Kol’s coffin and tossed the pouch to Klaus. “Careful, Stefan put vervain in it.”

“Where did you get that?”

“I’ve seen it on Elena’s neck ever since Stefan put it on her. So… after the sacrifice, I stole it from her, because she’s dead, and it’s not hers,” Myriam said simply as she looked at Stefan. “Bad puppy. It didn’t belong to you.” She then looked at Klaus. “And you already know what you need to create hybrids. You can’t get it, so why still go to that witch?”

“She might know of another way,” Klaus kissed her cheek. “Thank you, love, for always being so thorough.”

“You know very well there isn’t another way.”

“And who did you ask? Your spirits? Your demons?”

“You’re going to see Gloria, aren’t you? You believe her but not me? She’s a voodoo queen, Klaus. She’s going to tell you exactly what I just told you,” Myriam said before she was quiet for a moment as she looked at Stefan. “Well. That changes everything,” she said as she walked to him, not moving her eyes off of him. “Stefan’s been hiding something. Not sure what… but…” she snapped Stefan’s neck and watched him drop to the floor. “I suppose you’ll have to return to Mystic Falls to find out.”

“He’s my toy!” Klaus whined.

“He wasn’t completely your servant, Klaus. Besides, Katerina is in town, wouldn’t want him to wander off and start forming an evil little plan now, would you? Besides, now that he has his full memories, he’ll remember why you ran in the first place.” Myriam then sighed. “Rebekah, don’t sit on your brother’s coffin, he doesn’t deserve that.”

“I need new clothes,” Rebekah said as she got to her feet and dusted herself off. “Are you coming with me, Myriam? Nik can clean up this mess himself. You need to tell me all about this era,” she said as she looped her arm through Myriam’s. “What did I miss?”

While Rebekah was complaining about the short hemline of skirts and dressed in this era, Myriam filled her in on the most significant changes. She was used to that now, being the one to fill in the undaggered siblings about what they’d missed. And of course, while Rebekah went to get a new wardrobe, so did Myriam. Or at least a shirt or two.

They travelled back to Mystic Falls, and Myriam decided to let the two siblings play around with Stefan and the Scoobies and went home. There was no doubt that Klaus was going to be angry with her for keeping quiet about the Doppelganger’s status, but it was likely that Stefan was going to get the brunt of it.

Klaus was so focused on making his hybrids that he had mostly ignored her. His wife. The one person who truly stood with him for the last 300 years. And since she wasn’t allowed to undagger Kol as Klaus was afraid that he’d sabotage Klaus’ plans, she’d have to think of other ways to entertain herself. Of course, she could go back to New Orleans and run her club, but she had missed Klaus so much that she’d rather stick around for a while longer.

Myriam took the peace and quiet as time to release some of her long-serving demons and to summon others to take their place in the talismans. For some reason, Katerina had found a way to block most of the demon that Myriam had put on her. She could see some images, but there was no sound. Katerina was up to something, and Myriam felt that it could be big.

“Ugh,” Rebekah said as she walked into the house. “Niklaus is hanging out with his new favourite toy, ordered Stefan to turn his emotions off and look after the Doppelganger. Nik actually left me here on my own! What can I do in this dull town?”

“And a hello to you too, Rebekah,” Myriam said as she cleaned up her little trinkets. “You could get a job?”

“Ew, no.”

“Or what about school? I know you love going to school and you’ve missed out on a lot of things, so…” Myriam suggested. “That way you can keep an eye on Stefan for Klaus, and also on Elena and her friends.”

Rebekah seemed to think for a moment and then smiled brightly. “Brilliant idea! I’d make an amazing cheerleader, don’t you think?”

“I suppose you will,” Myriam smiled at her. “There’s this annoying blonde vampire who could do with being taken a few notches down. Want me to help to enrol you?”

“Nah, I’ll just compel, like I always do.”

Myriam shrugged then. “Fine,” she said with a sigh. “Pick any room you want, except mine. No wild parties, no bodies left in the house.”

“You’re not my mother.”

“No, but this is my house, so you live by my rules.”

“I thought this was our house?!”

Myriam let out a snort as she walked out of the room. “Have fun in school, Rebekah, the first day of school is tomorrow!”

“Yeah, you know what?” Rebekah said as she grabbed her bag. “You’re no fun. I’ll go and hang out with the Salvatores!”

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

“What is wrong with you, Myriam? You’re usually a lot more fun than this!”

“What is wrong? Oh, I don’t know, Rebekah. I’m just pissed at your brother for ignoring me and most of my suggestions to make things a lot smoother for him after everything that I have done for him!” Myriam shot at her. “I had this house built 150 years ago, I had it renovated before I moved back in. I made sure he had everything he needed to break his damn curse, and all I get is a few quickies and not even a ‘see you later’ as he toddled off with his new pet!”

“Sounds to me you need a break, love,” Rebekah said bored. “Do what you do best, disappear. You know as well as I do that Nik loves a good hunt.”

Myriam sighed. “Yeah, but when will he do that? He’s too busy creating hybrids, and he won’t stop until the Doppelganger is dead.”

“He will come to find you, eventually,” Rebekah replied with a shrug. “You know Nik. You’ve always known that he was an egotistical and selfish bastard. You could as well divorce him.”

“Get out of my house, Rebekah,” Myriam said in a low, threatening voice. “If you know what’s good for you, you leave, now.”

“Yep,” Rebekah nodded as she headed for the door for the final time. “You’re definitely no fun.”


For the next few weeks, Myriam bunkered down in her home. She had one of her servants get groceries, the other blood bags, and she remained in her home.

Oh, she knew exactly what was going on. Bonnie had opened the door to the Other Side when she brought Jeremy back to life. The Original Witch opened it wider, ghosts were appearing all over town and with the Tomb vampires back and hungry for revenge on the founding families, Rebekah had to hand over her mother’s necklace to Bonnie so Bonnie could close the door again. Fix things.

Elena had summoned Lexi to help her with Stefan, but of course, she wasn’t strong enough to see it through by herself, and things were just going to go so horribly that Myriam didn’t even want to leave her house.

Much to her own horror, her mother showed herself to her. Myriam pretended not to see Veronique as she tried to find out how it was possible for her mother to reveal herself to her. Veronique had only been in France and Italy, never in Mystic Falls. She had died in Nice.

“I never understood why you decided to run with vampires, mon petit,” her mother had spoken. “They’re unnatural, they can’t be controlled.”

She was spouting all the stuff Myriam wasn’t willing to hear. Because they were lies. When Myriam finally discovered how her mother was with her, she took the locket that held her mother’s ashes and threw it in the fire to destroy it. Once her mother was gone, she went through all of her stuff to make sure she didn’t have anything related to her mother or Gaia or anyone else she’d spend time within the past. She made sure that everything she owned, had been cleansed by her after acquiring it. It made sense her old lockets were tainted.

Katerina had successfully resurrected Mikael. Myriam suspected as much when her demon managed to send a flash image of a desiccated Mikael in his coffin a day before. There was no doubt that Mikael was being drawn to Mystic Falls by the Scoobies so they could kill Klaus. But Klaus was long gone and how were they going to draw him back? Likely with some shenanigans.

Myriam decided to let her fear push her anger towards her husband aside and called him. “Hey, where are you?”

“Nowhere near Mystic Falls, why aren’t you with me?”

“Because you left Rebekah and me behind when Mikael’s name was dropped, you moron!”

“My apologies, love.”

“Yeah, right,” Myriam huffed. “Anyway… Katerina found Mikael and figured out how to wake him. He’s in Mystic Falls now. There’s no doubt that you’ll receive a call from your loyal lapdog to come back for some reason. Just know that they want to kill you and will have Mikael to do it, likely with help from Katerina.”

“And why aren’t you taking care of this?”

“Because if you think that I’m leaving my sanctuary that is my house right now, you’re insane. Mikael scares the shit out of me, thanks to you. Even with all my pets, I’m pretty sure he’d be able to get to me.”

Klaus laughed then. “Alright love, I’ll play along with everyone. I have amassed an army in the short time that I’ve been gone.”

“Sure, but do account for the fact that they’re normal hybrids and not an Original hybrid? Mikael can compel them.”

“I’ll come back when I have a good plan, love, thank you. Will you join me in destroying Mikael?”

“No. Because I’m still pissed off at you.”

“What did I do?!”

“And if you have to ask me that question, you’re an asshole. Use your brain,” Myriam angrily replied as she disconnected the phone.

Klaus came back in town two days later, her demon on him alerted her on that. She wanted the demon to keep Klaus safe, not to allow Klaus to lose his cool when confronted with Mikael and she sent a little bit of her fear along with the demon so Klaus could feel what she felt, in a more moderate dosage seeing as Klaus was fearful of Mikael on his own.

She was there in spirit, through her connection to the demon and she was so proud of Klaus for standing up to Mikael and killing him. He brought home Mikael’s ashes and sought comfort, release, in having sex with Myriam, who was still pissed at him, but she never turned down sex with him. Not when they both needed it so badly.

The next day, Myriam woke up when the demon she put with Kol woke her up, telling her that Kol’s body was on the move, and was surrounded by Elijah, Finn, and Esther. Still, all boxed but in the back of a truck. “Klaus,” she said as she shook him awake, her face pale as a sheet. “Klaus, wake up!”

“Five more minutes…”

“Wake up!” she slapped his arm, hard. “Something’s wrong. Kol’s no longer close.”

“What! I wanted to release our siblings from their slumber today!” They quickly got dressed, and Klaus took her to the storage containers where he was keeping the coffins. “Rebekah, where are you? Pick up the phone, darling, daddy’s dead. It’s time for a family reunion,” he said as he left his sister a voicemail. Upon hanging up, his phone rang again. “Stefan! Miss me already?”

Myriam didn’t have to strain to hear Stefan’s voice. “I’m just calling to thank you for my freedom.”

“I like to believe that I’m a man of my word. More or less,” Klaus said as they passed a few containers.

“The thing is, it came at too high of a price. You took everything from me, Klaus.” Myriam had a funny feeling that Stefan had something to do with taking Kol, and that the reason why she couldn’t communicate well with that demon she’d put on him was Katerina. Katerina and Stefan.

“Let bygones be bygones. Trust me, resentment gets old.”

“You know what never gets old? Revenge.”

Klaus opened the container, revealing an empty space. “No!”

“What the ever loving fuck, Stefan?!” Myriam screeched upon seeing the empty space. She could feel it lingering with the spirit of Kol, Elijah and the others, so they were there, but now they were not.

“Ah, what’s the matter? Missing something?” Stefan asked lightly.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just enjoying my freedom.”

“I will kill you and everyone you have ever met,” Klaus threatened.

“You do that, and you will never see your family again,” Stefan said calmly. “I wonder, Klaus, for someone who’s been a step ahead of everyone for 1000 years, were you prepared for this?”

Klaus hung up the phone and fought himself from throwing it against the container. “He took my family!”

Myriam growled. “He took my best friend! Don’t worry, mon Loulou, I will get them back for us. I promise.”

“He just said-”

“He said that if you’d kill everyone, you’d never see your family again. He never mentioned me,” Myriam replied angrily. “Yet another man who’s forgetting about my existence!”

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