Chapter 10

The next day, the whole council was up at arms, ready to swoop down and gather all the vampires in Mystic Falls with help from the Gilbert device that could tell if a person was a vampire or not, courtesy of Emily Bennett’s enchantment on it. Myriam was on the border of Mystic Falls and had her servants put sheets over everything, pack her belongings and put it on a coach towards New Orleans.

She wanted to go into town and say goodbye to Damon, but it was such a mess already that she decided to leave, she’d find him later and send him a postcard or a telegram or maybe even visit him in person.

But she had to get out of Mystic Falls and hoped for the best. She left a few of her demons behind to keep an eye on things, re-attached a new demon to Katerina after releasing the one who had kept an eye on her for so long and started running. Halfway to New Orleans, she stopped to compel a human to go back to Mystic Falls in a couple of days to pretend that he was Mr Jenkins and to bring a burned body back with him. She had killed and burned a woman with her stature for good measure. She also handed him some money with precise instructions for her headstone, and had him visit the local lawyer as well to make sure that her home would stay ‘in the family.’

“You smell a little singed around the edges, love,” Klaus greeted her upon her arrival back in New Orleans. “Did you have a little adventure?”

Myriam huffed. “They were rounding up the vampires in Mystic Falls, so I ran away, had to fake my own death. Involved some burning. She tasted nice, though,” she replied as she jumped into his arms and kissed him hard. “I’m staying. I’m not going back, but the house is ours.”

“Did you have some fun?”

She bit her lip as she looked at him and nodded.

“Are you ever going to tell me why this was so important to you?”

“It’s something Kol and I started in 1699, Florence. I bet he would have loved to have seen me fooling everyone and especially her.”

“I know that you and my brother were dealing with a female vampire of my line, but you never told me who.” They were still standing in the middle of the courtyard, Myriam with her legs wrapped around him and him holding her. “Are you ever going to tell me?”

She sat back on his lap and stared at him with her lips pressed together as if to hold the whole story in. Nodding once, she gave him a quick kiss. “Yes, one day. But not today. This is a long game I’m playing with her, and when we one day come across her together, I want her rightfully afraid of me. Just know that I will make sure that she will one day pay for all her sins and debts to everyone she had ever toyed with and betrayed.”

“And are you ever going to tell me who this female vampire is? I’ve made a lot of enemies, you know.”

“And no doubt you’re going to gather a lot more,” she replied, shaking her head again. “It’ll be a surprise. But I promise it’ll be one you’re going to love.” She then wiggled her butt a little to shimmy down his body. “Make love to me.”

Klaus let out a chuckle and took her to the dining room to splay her out over the dining table. “I love it when you take charge.”


It hadn’t even been two full days after she’d left Mystic Falls when one of her demons came back to her and informed her about Damon and Stefan’s transition into a vampire, and she was furious. No, she was beyond furious, and she wanted to smash things, kill things, but especially, murder Katerina Petrova for ruining two perfect young men and robbing them of any chance of having a family.

It got worse when another demon returned and told her that the bitch hadn’t been locked up under the church like she was supposed to have been because of a fucking Lockwood and Emily Bennett interfering. Klaus stopped her rampage just in time as she was just about to tear into some of his favourite portraits. “What’s wrong, love?” he asked as he held her, he could feel her anger and frustration coursing through her veins. Oh, she was murderous alright.

“The fucking bitch turned my friends, and the fucking bitch didn’t die when she was supposed to thanks to a fucking wolf and a fucking witch!” Myriam seethed as she tried to wrestle herself out of Klaus’ hold. “Let go of me!”

“Love, you destroyed half of our home, I’m not letting you go until you’ve calmed down.”

She glared at him then, before realising that she could get revenge on the witch, at least. Grasping one of her bracelets she commanded the demon to possess one of the city council and accuse Emily Bennett of witchcraft and that she needed to be burned at the stake. Upon completion of his mission, he was going to stay with Damon and return to her on a daily basis to inform her about Damon’s wellbeing.

After she sent her demon away, she relaxed somewhat. “I’m fine, I’m going to Débauche. I believe we had plans to expand yet again.”

“How about you have something to eat first? There are some delicious criminals in our basement, I caught them just for you, and you can tear them up all you like.”

Myriam looked at him with a bright smile on her face. “Really?”

“Have fun,” he smiled at her before letting her go and watching her run towards the basement. Not soon after, the compound filled with loud screams, the thudding of body parts flying all over and generally the fall out of Myriam being messy. In a way, she reminded him of Kol when she did that. But Myriam was usually very gentle with her kills unless she was emotional and needed to let off some steam.

After a couple of minutes, he followed her down, and she was happily sitting on the floor surrounded by pools of blood and limbs stacked onto neat little piles. She was breaking off fingers of hands and placed them in a small circle as well. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“I’m still enjoying myself,” she smirked. “Stay there. I’m going to try to do something a little bigger than what I’m used to. That bitch will have me in her nightmares forever.”

Klaus nodded as he leaned against the doorpost looking at her. “Do you require anything else?”

“No, I’m good,” she replied as she took one of her bracelets and started to pull it apart to put the beads into one of the pools of blood. “I have my blood, I have my demons, I have my stones… and I have my very clear intentions.” She rubbed her bloodied hands together in glee and closed her eyes as she loosened the muscles in her shoulders. Myriam then started to chant in French.

It took about fifteen minutes for her to finish up whatever she’d started but when she was done, she broke out in a big broad smile. “She’s going to have great dreams until she dies,” she then let out a deep, relieved breath. “Oh, that felt so good!”

He helped her to get to her feet and kissed her. “I have theatre reservations for tonight, do you wish to come?”

“Of course! Let me get cleaned up and make myself look presentable.”

“Love, you always look presentable to me!”



She made sure no one was at home when she snuck off to the cellar where Klaus kept Finn and Kol in their coffins. He had undaggered Rebekah a few years prior, and while Rebekah was fun to have around, she wasn’t fun. Klaus and mainly Elijah were doing a lot of politics and doing good for the city and usually not around.

While Myriam had her business to run, her friend Isabella did a great job without her, and she felt obsolete. Klaus had suggested making nice with the witches once again, but apart from the Tremé witches, Myriam couldn’t quite get along with most of them. But she knew who would. And he was currently still boxed.

But not for long. Pulling the dagger out of Kol’s chest, she made sure that a handful of servants were there for him to feed on while she leaned against the wall. Kol was still an Original vampire and friend or not, he was likely going to be very upset with her for daggering him after setting fire to her club.

He did take his sweet time to wake up, long enough for her to start snacking on one of the servants, a beautiful young girl with sweet virgin blood. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” she mumbled as she fed before the girl was yanked out of her arms by Kol who drained the girl immediately, killing her. He went on to the next, and the next one after that before he finally pinked up enough to have a normal conversation. “Welcome back.”

“I can’t believe you daggered me.”

“That was before the last time you were daggered, get over it. You burnt my business to the ground.”

“By accident!”

“By being careless when feeding!” Myriam countered angrily. “Do that again and you being daggered will be the least of your concerns!”

Kol scowled as he tore into another servant. “Does Nik know?”

“That I decided to get the dagger out? No. He’s not home. Neither is Elijah nor Rebekah,” she shrugged. “It’s good to have you back, your room is still where you left it, and I took the liberty to add some clothes to your outdated wardrobe. Once you’ve freshened up, we’re going to paint the town red.”

“How red?”

“Not tenement building red.”

“Ah, Niklaus told you?”

Myriam sighed and nodded. “I’m bummed that I had to miss that. I miss having fun with you. So stop being such a handful and stick around for a while, will you?”

“Sorry, darling, but Niklaus needs to pay for daggering me all the time. Elijah, too. They’re all so big on family, and they never include me. Not since you came into our lives, and I’m still being daggered!”

“Because you’re an idiot! Stop being one! I told you before, when I was still human even, that your temper and your bloodlust are the things that will get in your way every single time. Why don’t you control them?”

“Because I don’t want to!”

“Then stop being a whiny ass because this is your own fault!” she pointed at the coffin. “Now take a bath, freshen up, get into some new clothes, we’re going out. You and I.”

“Stop being mean then,” he sulked as he ran off, leaving Myriam to deal with the bodies.

She showed him what had changed in New Orleans after he got daggered, showed him where most of the witches congregated and the best spots in town to have a nice little drink. When they got home after having drunk a lot of alcohol, Klaus and Elijah were waiting for them in the courtyard with a disapproving look on their faces. “What?” Myriam said innocently. “I was bored!”

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” Elijah questioned. “He can’t be let loose on this city.”

“Because he has impulse control issues? Tough. The tenement building that he and Klaus tore through wasn’t his fault, it was Klaus’. At any point, Klaus could have stopped the both of them, but he didn’t,” Myriam replied. “Kol stays.”

Elijah pinched his fingers to the bridge of his nose. Glaring at his sister-in-law, he shook his head. “I do not believe you understand the gravity of your actions, Myriam.”

“For some reason, I have the feeling you always say that, like a broken record. If Klaus can undagger Kol for some fun, why can’t I?”


“Kol stays.”

“I am warning you,” Elijah said as he decided to talk with hands again. “Undaggering him will be costly. He will let you down as he did before. He always does.”

“And you need to start being more supportive of your baby brother,” Myriam said as she looped her arm through Kol’s and kissed him on the cheek. “Come, we’re going out again. I’m going to show you around in Débauche, we have a bar now and all the good alcohol in the world.”

“Are you sure you want to allow me anywhere near your club?”

“Just stay away from anything flammable and no touching the merchandise.”



Having Kol back was great for Myriam. He had some excellent ideas to protect Débauche even further, and he made nice with the witches that didn’t like Myriam, mostly the French Quarter witches and those from the Garden District. He made it no secret towards her that he was up to something, scheming against his brother, and she didn’t do anything to warn Klaus of it because they were both idiots and whatever Kol was going to try, it wouldn’t work as Myriam had her current strongest demon watching over Klaus. Once Klaus would realise his brother was trying to make a move against him, paranoia would set in again, and Myriam and Klaus would have some great sex. Right now they just had sex. Boring sex because Klaus was currently very boring.

The witches started to get antsy after a little while though. People were contracting yellow fever after it had been believed to have died out, that the epidemic had been over, this flare-up was unusual. The Plague. Consumption. Weather patterns changed, and some thought that it was because another Mikaelson had been let loose on the city.

It was nothing but poor hygiene, famine and poor waste management that made these people sick. As for the weather, the weather was fickle anyway. Mother Nature liked joking around. Her own witches didn’t believe the others and were trying to spread some sense around, but they had a hard time doing so.

But Myriam was glad that Rayna Cruz had left New Orleans. The vampire huntress had killed many good vampires of Klaus, and she had killed some of Myriam’s friends. They had lived in fear for a good amount of years before she finally moved on. Myriam once had a close call with her, luckily she didn’t get stabbed with Rayna’s sword, but it did make her up the security around Débauche, and the demons around her and her family. It was what made Rayna wobble and slow down just a little. Long enough for them to scamper. Myriam had left New Orleans for five years after her close call with her, much to Klaus’ dismay. Because how could she leave him in times of trouble?

Kol told her more and more about his ideas, and she feared that it might actually work. That the dagger he was going to have made by two witches would actually work on Klaus, despite the demon protection. While Mary-Alice Claire was devoted to Kol, she might actually have been in a relationship with him, Astrid Malchance was not. It was easier to whisper in Astrid’s ear than in Mary-Alice’s, and she told Astrid not to do her absolute best for Kol.

Kol also spoke about wiping out the witches loyal to Klaus, but any witch loyal to him were her own witches, and she wasn’t too happy about that. So, for every day of Christmas, she gifted Kol a dead witch as a warning.

Oh, she stayed mostly away from the beef between the two brothers, but nobody was threatening her witches and getting away with it. Not even her best friend. She liked it, however, that he was having his witches make some more Dark Objects, some she hadn’t thought of herself. Like the bracelet of obedience, not that she needed it because she was fine with commanding her demons. Or the Devil’s Star. Oh, she’d liked to get her hands on that. One throw could make a thousand cuts. She could only imagine what kind of torture she could use it for.

However, she needed to find a way to get that Rosemary of Madness out of everyone else’s hands. His witches had already made a few people go insane with it to instil fear into everyone, and it was simply too much. She could keep the blasted thing safe, with one of her own Dark Objects that nullified the effects of magical objects. After the war died down, she was going to steal it from Kol. Because she wanted it for herself. There was no way that she’d allow Kol to be able to wield something as powerful as that.

Myriam loved him, dearly, but the Rosemary of Madness was insane, and she didn’t trust him with it. What if he was going to use it on her? Unlike him and his siblings, she was still susceptible to those kinds of things even with her personal protection.

Kol was a fucking idiot. During Sunday mass he used the Devil’s Star to kill Dowager Fauline and half the parish in St. Anne’s, only for the diamond the woman possessed, the diamond that would give Mary-Alice and Astrid enough power to create the dagger he wanted to have crafted to be used on Klaus.

Myriam was furious and had stalked them as they broke into the home at night. She had her most powerful witch by her side as she waited for Kol and the witches to come back out as they had so cleverly put a spell up that no one could enter the house while they were searching it. Once Kol was out, with the diamond in hand, she pulled him away from the door, and her witch reversed the spell, making it a boundary spell that witches inside the home could not get out of.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Myriam hissed as she snatched the diamond out of Kol’s hand.

“Give that back! I told you, I found a way to get rid of Klaus and I’m moving forward with it, I don’t care that he’s your husband!” He then grabbed hold of Myriam’s witch and killed her, hoping that it would release the boundary spell and that his puppets could get out of there. “What in the bloody hell, Myriam! You said you wouldn’t interfere!”

“I understand why you’re angry with Klaus, Kol. It’s no fun being daggered for things you have no control over, but you’re really skating on thin ice right now,” she said as she pocketed the diamond and led him away from the house. “He doesn’t need to know about the diamond and what your plans were with it. The massacre this morning can be put on you wanting to show everyone who runs this city; the Mikaelsons.” She then reached for one of her bracelets and released the demon to oppress Kol, to make him relaxed and more docile. “Because the way Klaus will see this, will be betrayal and he will box you again. You don’t go against the family, no matter how much you hate each other.”

“I’m going to kill you.”

“I’d like to see you try,” she smiled at him. “But I might just have saved your ass. Unless you told someone else about your plans to neutralise my husband?”

“Rebekah would never. She’s with me.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about, Mon Chou. Don’t do it again. You know better than I do that Klaus is a virtuoso when it comes to cramming his siblings into confined spaces. Which I’m trying to help you stay out of.”

Christmas was fast approaching, she had 12 more dead witches to gift to Kol, and she and Rebekah happily went for a dress fitting for the annual Mikaelson Christmas Party. Rebekah opted for a bordeaux-red chiffon dress while Myriam went for a fiery red evening dress made out of silk with a net overlay with gold and silver starbursts on them. They both had opted for black opera gloves to complete their outfit.

And when Klaus saw her for the first time in her red dress, he sighed. “Love, do you really want all eyes on you?”

She smirked then. “But Mon LouLou, you love being the centre of attention! With me by your side, you will be exactly that!”

He pulled her against him and kissed her. “I want to ravish you.”

“Tonight, we still have a party to attend,” she ran her hand through his hair and looked up at him through her lashes. “But do know that while I’m wearing my corset… I’m not wearing any panties,” she whispered.

He let out a groan. “You’re evil.”

“And you have to be on your best behaviour,” she said teasingly before exiting the room and started to mingle with the guests who had already begun to arrive. She managed to find Marcel and dragged him off to the dungeons to snap his neck. No party for him. This was something she did every Christmas Party because she really didn’t like Marcel much. She still hated him for being the thing that had gotten between her and Klaus nearly a century ago.

Myriam then started to make her usual rounds, mingling with the guests. Some of Klaus’ vampires, a small group of werewolves and witches and high ranking city officials who knew about the supernatural community. Myriam’s demons were checking everyone out as usual, and they alerted her to a young woman dressed in blue, she was supposedly Kol’s date but he was more into her than she was into him. “Something tells me that you scored a date with my brother in law just to attend our party,” Myriam said as she took a sip of her wine while standing next to the girl.

“So what if I did?”

Myriam shrugged. “I’ve seen you two hang around in the past few weeks. It’s a good thing that you’re not falling for Kol’s advances, which makes you score points in my book. You’re also not here with an agenda, so your secret is safe with me. My name’s Myriam.”

“Freya,” she replied as she kept an eye on the Mikaelsons who were on the stairs. “Uh, Emma.”

“Sure, sure,” Myriam smiled knowingly. “Don’t worry, like I said, your secret is safe with me. You need to know that I’d do anything to protect my family. Long lost or not,” she said as she looked at Elijah and listened to Klaus’ words. “My apologies for what happens next, you won’t like to see this,” she sighed before she ran to the cellar to prepare Kol’s coffin for him. Myriam didn’t like to see him get daggered either, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t make sure his coffin was clean and ready. And to attach a demon to it to keep Kol safe in case he’d ever get lost.

She turned around when she heard Klaus drag Kol’s body behind him on the steps to the cellar. “Hey! Easy with him! Couldn’t you at least have waited to dagger him until after the party? Did you really have to make such a spectacle out of him plotting against you?”

“Don’t even start!” Klaus shot at her as he unceremoniously hoisted Kol off the floor and put him in the coffin. “You knew!” He spat at her, angrily pointing his finger at her.

“And I made sure he wouldn’t be able to!”

“Give me the diamond!”



“No!” Myriam said again, before lowering her voice. “And would you like to know why? If witches can channel their power through it to enhance it, that means that I likely can use it too.”

“But you’re already a force to be reckoned with, love. You don’t need it.”

“I do! I may be a vampire but I’m not as indestructible as you are, I can still be killed. Even now, you could kill me despite me being your wife because I didn’t tell you what Kol was up to. As I was handling it. He wouldn’t have gone through with it anyway.”

“And what of his witches?”

“While they were breaking into Dowager Fauline’s home, they had cast a spell that nobody could enter for as long as they were inside. I had one of my witches do a reversal of that spell, made it a bit more powerful and now every witch that’s inside can’t get out,” she replied easily. “In a way, thanks to your brother I found you a way to get rid of unruly witches. All you need is to open the door and throw them in.”

“I’m still cross with you!”

“Of course you are, mon LouLou,” she said as she turned her back on him and made sure that Kol was lying comfortably in his coffin before closing it. “Let’s return to the festivities.”



Rebekah had decided to go and work at the local hospital during the latest Influenza outbreak, and Myriam stayed with her girls at Débauche to make sure that they wouldn’t get sick and that they were protected from the latest souped-up witch to enter New Orleans.

On the surface, Papa Tunde was one scary witch. He practised ancestral magic and sacrificial magic, but it would be easy to weaken him once they’d figure out who or what he used to draw his power from when he wasn’t killing werewolves, the mayor, vampires or humans. Klaus was spying on Tunde to study him, but Myriam had her demons on him.

Once they both were sure that Tunde was drawing his power from his twin boys, Klaus slaughtered them and Tunde. It was that easy. The big scary witch was no longer, and the Treme witches ran the other witches out of town.

New Orleans could breathe easy again.

Until one day Myriam didn’t come home to Klaus.

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