Chapter 18

It was nice to spend the rest of the day clean and in a great state of mind, bonding more with Kol while Myriam and Klaus did the same. Just talking. Everything positive, nothing negative and not having to worry about anything. Bella had eventually fallen asleep in Kol’s arms, both fully dressed, on the bed and she had her first real good sleep in a very long time.

However, she was roused from her sleep early the next morning when her brain went slightly haywire again. She heard the people outside in the background, singing songs in their heads, cursing that they were going to be late for work, fussing over financials and whatnot, but what was really in the front were the thoughts and emotions of the two people upstairs in the compound having some fun.

Bella moaned slightly before squirming a little against Kol, moving her ass against his groin area as he spooned her. He was still asleep, she knew this, and she had to get this under control before she’d start to feel incredibly perverted. He needed to wake up so he could take presence in her mind. The imagery from Klaus, seeing Myriam as a beautiful canvas he could paint the most extraordinary scenery on, the raw emotion from Myriam, fully having opened herself up for his attentions and enjoying his touch, aroused Bella.

With Kol still sleeping, Bella rolled out of bed and started to undress herself as she started to hum quietly to try and get Klaus and Myriam out of her head, she even tried to focus on the people outside, but Klaus and Myriam were a force, alone and together. Completely naked, Bella went into the bathroom, plugged the bath and started to fill it up with cold water. Her skin felt as if it was on fire, pleasantly, and that was all because of her sister.

She couldn’t wait any longer and got into the bath to cool herself off. Letting out a small cry of agony as her feet touched the water, she kept lowering herself down into it. She was used to being hosed down with cold water, this was merely a bath. A cold bath. Of course, her yelp had woken Kol and he was next to her within a blink of an eye. “Are you alright?”

Bella nodded as she shivered in the cold water, looking for his voice inside her mind. “Talk to me, please, I-” She let out a breath, and another moan. “This is so fucked up.” In the last few weeks she had picked up on other people having sex down the street, but it hadn’t been this intense. Was it Klaus and Myriam’s closeness or their mental strength that made this happen?

He raised an eyebrow as he squatted down next to the bath. Bella was fully naked in a bath with clear water, she wasn’t even using bath oil for her bath. He then felt the water and blinked. It was cold. “Bad day?”

“No, not at all… just bad start… but not for others.” She was cold, her teeth were chattering and this really needed to end soon or she’d be cold for the rest of the day.

He listened out for any sounds that were out of the ordinary and immediately spotted some heavy panting and moans coming out of Nik’s room. He was glad for his brother finally getting what he wanted, but worried for Bella’s sanity at this point. “You’re not picking up what I think you’re picking up, are you?”

Bella winced as she slowly nodded and met his eyes. “I couldn’t turn them off, but now that you’re awake it gets better.”

“That’s my brother and your sister you’re actually… Bella, that’s fucked up.”

“Duh! I can’t help it!” She whined before she finally managed to latch on to Kol’s thoughts, which wasn’t actually much better at the moment, as he was enjoying her naked body perhaps a little too much. “Get out, I’m going to get dressed… and find someone else whose mind I can use to help me.”

“What!” Kol objected as he looked at her. “I can’t help it! I told you! You’re gorgeous!”

“And not helping right now!” Bella shot at him as she unplugged the bath and got out of it. She grabbed a towel to quickly dry herself before picking up her clothes and getting dressed again. “I’m trying to stop feeling the way that I do and you’re making it worse.”

“Then we should forget about baby steps,” Kol suggested. “Let’s have sex.”

Bella opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again when she didn’t know what to say. Pulling her hair back in a hair tie, she finally managed to come up with something. “I’d like to have that experience when I’m not feeling the experience from anyone else and when I’m certain that I’m feeling what I’m feeling and not what anyone else in my presence is feeling, I hope that makes sense.”

Oh, it did. Not that it was fair, but it made sense. Kol sighed and nodded. “Very well, but I doubt you’ll find a more suitable mind as your anchor in my family. Freya’s had her issues with our aunt Dahlia, Rebekah is still reeling from the curse she had a few years ago and Elijah… well. He’ll be hesitant because you’ll be able to see his true self, which is more psychotic than Nik is.”

She stopped then, turning to Kol and cocking her head. “What do you mean?”

“Elijah’s great at pretending everything is alright. Everything he’s ever done is tucked away in his mind, making him forget about it all, sometimes surfacing. He’s actually suffering the most from being a vampire than the rest of us. Mother recognized that and she taught him to put it all behind a red door. And let me tell you, it’s not pretty once that door opens,” Kol explained, taking a step closer to her. “He’s finally somewhat coming to terms with it, but his mind is not one you’d like to be using as your anchor, no matter how stable Elijah might seem. Your best bet is either Niklaus or myself.”

“My sister’s pretty loud.”

“And unstable,” Kol let out a snort. “No offense, darling, but at least I’m managing my impulses right now, your sister, on a bad day, does not.”

Bella stumbled then, as a dizzy spell hit her. It usually happened when she felt Myriam’s emotions and heard her thoughts, as her brain worked so fast, slipping into the past, present and future, sometimes all at once. Bella usually made sure she was seated for the experience, because it was such a rush. “Oh,” she said as she took hold of Kol’s arm, as he caught her before she fell. “Oh… uhm…” she gasped then, feeling an orgasm coming up from her toes all the way up through her body. “You need to stop them. Please.”

“If I do that, I’ll be dead,” Kol laughed as he helped her to sit down. “Focus on my thoughts, I’ll be good.”

She let out another gasp as she stumbled. “Oh, no, that’s so not fair, she’s… future and… present, Kol!”

I told you to focus on my thoughts.’

His insistence, the willpower behind it made her flick up her eyes to him. He sounded like someone she’d definitely wanted to roll over for. Do anything for. She wanted to feel his hands on her body again, making her feel as good as Myriam was currently feeling. His eyes darkened as they were firmly set on hers.

You’re going to keep on listening to me until I’m sure that they’re done. No more talking. You’re going to keep listening to me. Focus. Have I made myself clear?’ Oh, her breath hitched. She was loving this as much as he was. Seriously, fuck those baby steps.

“Yes sir…” she whispered, clinging on to him for dear life.

Now, Bella, that sounded great to my ears. Say that again.’ He was sure she was doing it out of submissiveness, not out of a programmed response. Kol was loving it. Had he known that she was this responsive to his commanding voice, he would have tried it on her a long time ago.

“Yes sir…” she whispered, a small smile then appearing on her face. “Yes sir.”

He softly kissed her lips as he got her back to her feet. ‘Good girl, come, let’s have breakfast.’

What!’ A slight look of panic washed over her face.

We’re going to do something extremely ordinary to keep your mind focused. And that’s having breakfast. No talking. Just eating. I’ll talk to my siblings when I have to. You focus and eat.’ He took her hand and took her out to the courtyard where the staff had just finished setting up breakfast, shooting uneasy glances towards Bella, who, with her sister, had ruined the kitchen the day previously. Kol didn’t care. She and her sister could ruin the kitchen whenever they wanted, if it made them as stable as they had seemed after their fun yesterday. “Good morning!” Kol greeted his siblings as he helped Bella sit down and sat down himself.

“‘Good’ morning,” Freya muttered as she took a sip of her coffee. “Far too early to be rudely awaken by what’s going on up there,” she glaring up to the second floor. Her quarters were right next to that of her brother and Kol was glad he had always opted to get a room on the ground floor.

“I think it’s a good morning,” Kol agreed with himself as he took his glass of blood and took a sip while Bella stuck to grabbing a few waffles and a few strawberries. “And I don’t think you should complain, sister, there have been plenty of times that you and Keelin have interrupted our perfect quiet nights.”

“Yeah, but this is Klaus we’re talking about,” she said in a hushed voice.

“Believe me, sister, this is nothing compared to what we’ve all already experienced when it comes to Niklaus and his girlfriends,” Elijah spoke as he buttered a piece of toast, unfazed by the sounds coming from his brother’s bedroom.

Bella quietly ate her waffle when she got hit by another dizzy spell. Her sister was having trouble focussing, and Bella got a glimpse of the future. Blinking, she was unsure what it meant, there was this Cold One standing in the middle of the courtyard, looking angrily towards Klaus’ study.

“Oh fuck!” Myriam exclaimed loudly. “Daddy’s home!”

“If she’s going to yell that every single time she reaches a climax, I’ll be forever put off from the phrase ‘who’s your daddy’?” Rebekah muttered, shaking her head.

“Come on, Klaus…” Myriam’s voice sounded. ‘Hurry up already. Hurry, please hurry. Oh god, yes, that’s the right spot… hurry… oh, so close…’ “Fuck, fuck fuck… he’s not happy…” ‘So close!’

Bella. Focus.’ Kol had noticed she was drifting off again. She had that look on her face that she was trying to understand something she was seeing in other minds, and her cheeks were flushed. It didn’t take a genius to understand that she got pulled back in. ‘Tell me what just happened.’

Cold One in the courtyard. Not happy… must be a future thing because Myriam’s not too happy about it.’ Bella shuddered as she was grateful to have grasped Kol’s voice again like a lifeboat. She then let out a yelp when that Cold One she’d seen in Myriam’s head ran into the courtyard and threw off his protective robe.

Rebekah and Elijah rose to their feet, quick to stand with the Cold One so he wouldn’t be able to get in further, and Freya was ready to use her magic on him, too. “You have nothing to fear,” the Cold One spoke as the sun hit his skin through the leaves of the trees. He then nodded towards the bedroom. “He has. Klaus! Get off my daughter, right now!”

“He’s not on me right now!” Myriam called out, heavily panting. “I’m on him, but he’s getting me off!”

“Oh good lord,” Elijah tiredly pinched the bridge of his nose as he returned to his seat. “I believe we have the pleasure of having Myriam’s father in our midst.”

“Myriam Hope Jenkins, you better get off of your boyfriend, don’t make me come up there!”

“Five more minutes!”

Peter then moved to the second floor walkway and forcibly knocked on the door. “You’re not getting any more minutes because your sister is in her own personal hell right now thanks to the both of you!”

Upon hearing that, Rebekah, Freya and Elijah looked at Bella who suddenly felt really small. “Why didn’t you say anything?” Freya wondered.

“Because she hears that all the time, Freya,” Kol replied for Bella, feeling the need to defend her, and knowing that what he was going to say next wasn’t any news for his siblings, but it didn’t hurt to remind them. “But the more powerful minds are, the more intrusive and loud they get. Of course, then there are the days that she simply doesn’t have the focus, which are the days when her sister is having a bad day, too. Or, in this case, a particularly good one, which is overwhelming Bella. She’s having a hard time with regular thoughts, imagine hearing and seeing the thoughts of someone who doesn’t have control over her own premonition gifts?”

“She’ll fucking live!” Myriam eventually said, a moan escaping her lips. This hadn’t been the first time Peter would have walked in on her while having sex, but it sure was going to be his last if he wasn’t careful.

“Love, maybe-”

“Stop now and I’ll make you regret it,” she warned him. “I saw six, and you’ve only given me five so far.”

“And the future always changes,” Peter said as he kicked in the door. “Up. Now. You’ve had your fun, it’s time we’re going to fix this shit for once and for all. I’ve given you guys weeks to figure it out for yourself, but I’m worried about your sanity, or what’s left of it. Jesus fuck, you guys know how to party!”

“Peter!” Klaus growled, and in an instant, Peter was flying through the air, off the balcony and landed safely on two feet in the courtyard, right next to Bella, a big smile on his face.

“Well, they’ll be down soon,” he said as he ruffled Bella’s hair. “Nice to finally meet you, Bella, my name is Peter and I’ve been raising your sister.”

Bella ducked away from his hand and tried to get a feel of him, but she wasn’t able to get anything. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She still didn’t like Cold Ones. Her sister had been an exception at the time, but she didn’t know this man. Only that he took care of Myriam and that he had abilities of his own. But if it was true what he said, that he knew how to fix her and Myriam, she was willing to listen.

Eat your waffles, Bella,’ Kol’s voice sounded less forceful now now that his brother had stopped shagging his girlfriend, but Bella liked hearing his voice inside her head nonetheless. Sighing happily, she nodded and continued to eat. “She’s a little bit shy.”

Peter raised an eyebrow as he looked at Kol. “After you’ve basically commanded her to stay focused on your voice, yes, I can imagine. She’s just about to roll over for you to scratch her belly.”

Kol huffed, not going to make excuses. “It works.”

“I’m not denying that,” Peter said as he looked up to see his daughter and his friend emerge from the bedroom, all cleaned up and everything, Klaus having a slight look of embarrassment on his face. Oh, Klaus thought he was the big bad wolf, but Myriam was definitely worse and she was going to corrupt him even further. This was a fact, Peter had no doubt about that. “Sit,” he said disapprovingly, pointing at the two empty chairs.

“Seriously, dad?” Myriam retorted as she sat down and grabbed herself a pancake. She was famished. “I still don’t want to see you, you know.”

“Tough, princess,” Peter said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m here for your own good. As I said, y’all have been barking up the wrong tree since Bella’s reset button was pushed and you became a traditional vampire. Looks good on you, by the way, darlin’.”

“And you couldn’t say this over the phone?”

“Would you have answered if I called?” Peter retorted, already knowing the answer. “In any case, before minds are lost, again, let me ask you a few questions, Mikaelson family,” he said as he turned to Kol. “What are Myriam and Bella?”

“Sisters,” Kol replied as a matter of factly.

“Be more specific,” Peter glared at him. “You can use the word twins, you know, because that’s what they are. Twins. They were both genetically altered by the good doctor, they both were in the same womb, being cosy neighbors while Carlisle played some more with them as they grew into babies.” Peter then looked at Freya. “To what purpose were they created?”

“To satisfy the Cullen’s perverse idea of gifted children and strengthen their empire? Money?” She questioned, then shrugged. “For shits and giggles? Because they could?”

“You and your doctor girlfriend checked over the list that I provided, yes? What was done to the girls in the womb?”

“We have.”

“Didn’t you notice something strange about their DNA?”

“Of course, but all the abnormalities resolved after Myriam managed to shield the rest of the world from Bella when she got triggered by Edward,” Freya replied, still not seeing what the Cold One was aiming for. “Bella changed back to her clean, human self, and we had to reboot Myriam and turned her into a vampire/werewolf hybrid, well, tribrid. She has magic inside of her.”

“Did you check their DNA after they changed?”

Freya blinked then. They hadn’t. “We didn’t think it was necessary, why?”

“If you had given their DNA the last once over to truly make sure that they were healthy and well balanced, you could have saved yourselves a lot of trouble,” Peter said with a smug smirk on his face, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Oh, he was so clever. “And let’s not even think of the mental component that comes with these extraordinary girls.”

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