Chapter 12

When they arrived at the first camp site, it was around 9 am. It was still a little too cold, but he didn’t want to over tire the horses. Besides, he could use a good cup of coffee and they could heat up some water over a small campfire to make instant. After he dismounted, he lead the horse into the small holding pen where there was plenty of water for the horses to drink.

“Hurry up! I want coffee!” He called out to Ziva, who was still trying to catch up with him.

She stuck her tongue out as she came to a stop. “You are a pain,” she said.

As Ziva got off her horse, she stretched her legs and back before making her way over to John. “You will pay for all that later,” she threatened in a sultry tone.

“I’m not a pain,” he said as he unhooked the provision bag from Ziva’s saddle and started to look for the water and instant coffee mix. “I’m just excited to be outside, without anything to think about other than you and look at the beautiful scenery.”

“Aren’t you the romantic,” she said as she pulled out two bottles of water from her backpack for him. “So when are you going to strip for me?”

He smirked and managed to get the fire going as he put a pot over it. He poured the water in to heat and sat down with his legs crossed over each other. “Oh I don’t know…” he stretched his arms in the air, exaggerating a little as he looked at her. “It’s still a bit too cold for that…”

Ziva went over to stand in front him. “We would warm ourselves up quite efficiently.”

“You’re making a valid point,” John nodded and pulled Ziva down in his lap. He put his arms around her and kissed her languidly.

“Mmm,” she moaned into his kiss. “If we continue this, your water for your coffee is going to boil out.”

“Let it, I don’t care,” he said as he sneaked his hands underneath her shirt. “Can always boil some more after…”

“So going slow is no longer desired?” Ziva asked as she shifted to straddle his lap. Her hands rested on his chest for confirmation before proceeding further herself.

“Nope,” he said as he caressed her back underneath her shirt. Holy shit, she told the truth when she said she wasn’t wearing a bra! he thought and swallowed hard. “You only live once, what’s the point of taking things slow?”

Chuckling, she leaned in to kiss him, gentle at first before becoming more demanding. Her hands trailed down his chest and over his stomach where she took a handful of his shirt to push up so that she had more access to his body that she hadn’t had before.

John helped her out of her shirt, giving him the access to her body that he desired, to caress her beautiful and firm breasts, and her extremely responsive nipples as he continued to kiss her.

Ziva tried to get John’s shirt off him but he had been so focused on her that she grew impatient and ripped the fabric down the front. Growling she trailed kissed down his neck, scraping her teeth over his skin. Her hands went for his belt buckle with one thing on her mind that she wanted to do for him.

“I loved that shirt!” He whined and shuddered as her teeth scraped over his skin. “Oh… what was I saying…”

“That’s what I thought,” she breathed out as her fingers finally got his buckle loose. Ziva practically tore it away as she went to undo his pants for him. “I want you…”

John realized that whatever he did to try to slow her down, it’d only make her more wild and hungry. He lifted her off his lap and got rid of his pants, revealing that she wasn’t the only one going without a piece of underwear today.

She had an almost feral look in her eyes as she watched him pull his pants off. Ziva crawled over to him as he was still standing and looked up at him as she put her hands up on his chest and dragged them down until they rested over his hips where his engorged cock danced happily for her. She lightly brushed her lips over the length and kissed the head before she stuck her tongue out to lick it briefly.

He groaned as she started to pay attention to his cock, and got down on his knees to kiss her. Oh, he loved blow jobs, but he was already about to burst and she wasn’t even completely undressed. “Not so fast…” he muttered as he tugged on her pants. “Off. Now.”

Ziva did as ordered, stripping out of her pants but when she turned back to John, she pushed his shoulders in one of her tricks until he was on his back. Kneeling between his legs, she patted his thighs with a chuckle before bending over to take his cock in her mouth with a loud moan.

“Christ Ziva…” John groaned as he buried his hands in her hair, deciding to give up on trying to give her what he wanted, as it was obvious that she’d do what she wanted with him anyway. At least for now.

She gripped the base of his large member while cradling his balls. Her tongue tickled the underside of the shaft and every time John jerked his hips, her teeth grazed the soft skin of the head.

He tried to calm himself down, earlier on, he had been close to the edge and she was doing a fine job to drive him over the edge, but it wouldn’t take much for him to come and it would be embarrassing. Whatever Ziva was going to do with him, she had to make up her mind, or he’d grab her to flip her over and calm himself down that way. It’d at least take him a bit closer to his jeans where he had put a condom in one of its pockets that early in the morning.

Ziva worked him until she knew he was about to burst. Sitting up, she grinned down at him. “Why do you keep looking at your pants?” she asked as she crawled up his body to hover over him.

“Because…” he took a deep breath as he smiled at her. “Should you change your mind about sucking me off, there’s a condom in there.” He tasted himself when he got up a little to kiss her and whined as she pushed him down to the floor again.

“Good thinking. You don’t have any diseases or anything that I should be aware of, do you?” she asked as he rear end grazed his erection.

“No, of course not!” John let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “You?”

“I do not have anything,” she confirmed. “And I am on birth control injections, so we can just skip that right now if you wish…” she said before grinding her center over his. Even through her panties, she was very warm and wet.

“Oh good…” he managed to say, “I hate those things…” She was still holding him down so he gently tugged on her hair to pull her face closer to his.

Ziva bent over and kissed him. “Mmm,” she hummed and sat back up to stand. When John started to sit up, she put her foot on his chest gently to keep him down. “Stay,” she grinned before slowly stripping her panties off.

“You are the most beautiful woman in this galaxy,” John smiled goofily as he quickly pulled her down on to him, and then rolled over so she was on the ground. “So hot…” he kissed her fleetingly and then started his way down her body, lingering a bit at her nipples.

She hooked her legs over his hips and dug her fingers into his hair. Whenever he bit down her hips jerked up slightly. “John…” she moaned with a sigh. “Please…”

“Please what?” he mused as he continued kissing his way down her body.

She squirmed under him. “I need you,” she said, tightening her legs to pull him closer.

“Well then…” he swallowed hard as he moved his hand towards her center, and moved up a little to kiss her while he started to make her ready for him.

“Oh god,” she sighed and let her head fall back to the ground. “At this rate we will never get to our campsite,” she chuckled.

“Yeah well… I don’t want to hurt you,” John said.

“Who said you would hurt me?” she asked raising an eyebrow. “I can take more than you think.”

“Probably,” John said as he inserted a second finger inside of her. “However, this is our first time, I have no idea how your body works and what it’s capable of.”

Ziva chuckled devilishly. “I could show you,” she purred and moaned with his touches.

“We’ve got all the time in the world for that,” John kissed her. “Let’s just do it the careful way now, okay?”

“Careful? Then that means you want to use your condom now?”

“You know what I mean,” he groaned. “The right way, we’re not even being careful because of all the sand laying around on the ground.”

She shrugged a shoulder the best she could from her position under him. “We are just working all natural,” she replied then had enough. Ziva flipped them over so that she was on top again and grinned down.

He grunted when he landed again and smirked. “Fine, I give.”

“Good. Because I really enjoy being on top,” she said as she held onto his cock and carefully positioned herself over it.

It was not long that they were able to recoup themselves. Ziva laid there on the dirt ground just staring up into the tree filled sky above her. “Wow,” she said before laughing and started to sit up. She reached up to shake the dirt from her hair and brushed off her shoulders the best she could.

Looking back at John, she grinned. “Need a hand?”

“I think I’m good…” John answered breathless. “And yes, wow…” he slowly sat up and smiled at her. “Coffee?”

She looked over into the pot. “We will need more water,” she replied. “Help me get some of this dirt and rocks off so that I can dress.” Ziva went over to help pull John to his feet where she brushed his back off, chuckling.

“What?” he laughed as he turned around to kiss her, and getting the dirt off her back while he did so.

Ziva wrapped her arms up around his shoulders and smiled. “Not to be a downer, but I think we should keep this between us for awhile. Maybe if Gibbs sees that we can still work normally, he will be less objective.”

“Fine by me,” John smiled and kissed her again. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m good at keeping secrets.” He untangled a broken twig from her hair. “However, he’s not sticking to his own rules either.”

“Ducky does not go into the field the way we do. His job does not put him in the line of fire,” she pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess,” he sighed and handed her her top as he grabbed his own. “But it’s fine, we’ll keep it a secret, though I will have to tell Teyla. She’ll know something is up the moment I walk in…”

Ziva nodded understandingly. “I have no problem with telling Teyla. Just make sure that she understands our position. Especially if we are going to be seeing each other more off the job.”

“She will, don’t worry.” John shook his shirt and then looked at the tear Ziva had made in it. Tossing it aside, he got into his pants and walked to the bags to fetch a new shirt.

She chuckled. “Sorry,” she said. “I will get you a new shirt.” Pulling her own shirt back on she turned to grab her panties and jeans.

Ziva quickly made her way behind John and snaked her hand down his front and fondled him. “I must admit,” she purred. “You are certainly unexpected. We should probably get to our campsite sooner and not bother about coffee.”

He groaned as she felt her hand on his cock, which started to react immediately. Traitor. “I want coffee,” he turned around with his shirt in his hand and gently removed Ziva’s hand from his pants with his free hand. “For some reason I have the feeling that you’ve just found yourself a new toy.”

“And it is a very nice toy,” she replied. “Have your coffee John but know that I am anxious to get on with our trip.”

After they both had something to drink, they re-saddled their horses and made their way to the next campsite, which was a few hours away, but near a big lake.

Sure, John had said only yesterday that he wanted to take things slow, but the time he had spent alone underneath a cold shower – and thinking of Elsa’s last words (according to Teyla) – he realized that they meant everything to him. Life’s too short, don’t give up on love and continue living. Life was too short, he had escaped death a few times and it had to stop.

He had to stop building walls around him and not letting people in. Ziva was an amazing woman, who happened to look like Elsa, but she wasn’t her. Their fight for dominance while having fun in the dirt had turned him on in many different ways, and her sense of humor was as beautiful as her smile.

I’m head over heels for this woman… he thought and smiled widely as he let his horse trot just a bit faster.

Securing her horse by the hay pile where there was a feed locker with food for the animals, Ziva looked around and stretched her legs. The morning had significantly warmed to the point that the lake water was certainly inviting.

“Wow, look at that view,” John said as he hopped off the horse, secured it and took the saddle off its back.

“Yes, it is quite a sight,” she agreed. “We should get the tent up that way we can focus the rest of the time on ourselves. You can start the fire.” Ziva unhitched the packs that were secured to her horse and sorted out the food, materials, and weapons.

“Well yeah, the site is beautiful too…” John grinned as he looked around for some wood to put in the fire pit to get the fire started.

Ziva laughed and set about getting their tent set up. It was a modest one, large enough that they had plenty of room for themselves but small enough that they wouldn’t freeze if the temperatures dropped during the night. It did not take her long before she was done. Sitting down on a log, she watched John struggle with getting the fire going still.

Frustrated, he grabbed his lighter and started the damn thing. “Don’t laugh, I usually had a scientist starting fires for me or we’d stay in a village.”

“You were spoiled, but is one reason why you should never be without a knife and lighter. However you do look good while trying,” she grinned. “When you get that going, I will get the stuff out for lunch.”

“I honestly don’t bother carrying a knife in civilian clothes,” he said and looked at Ziva. “You have no idea how ridiculous I felt the first few days, carrying my gun on my hip instead of in my leg holster.”

“You can do what Tony does with the shoulder holster,” she suggested as she brought over the cooler bag. She started making them lunch sandwiches as the meats were intended for dinner and breakfast later.

John made a face, “Nah.” He was happy that the fire decided to keep on burning and found some good dry logs to put on them if the fire needed fuel. Looking around the campsite, there weren’t many obstacles he could miss seeing, which was a good thing, he didn’t want to accidentally trip and fall into the fire or horse shit. John took the glasses off his face and rubbed his eyes, trying to make his bust eye work faster in the full on sunlight.

He looked over to Ziva and smiled, she even looked hot by just making sandwiches. Stop it Shep, you’re acting like a teenager in love, he told himself and shook his head. He grabbed the mini bottles of orange juice from the cooler and carefully made his way towards Ziva.

She passed John his sandwiches and took her juice from him. “So, what shall we do? Or talk about?” she asked as she made herself comfortable against him.

“Well…” John smiled, “That lake looks incredibly inviting.” He took a bite out of his sandwich and gently rand his fingers through her hair.

She thought about with a smile. “Yes, washing the dirt off from earlier will certainly be good but I do not have a swimsuit with me.”

“Oh the horror!” he grinned. “Well, neither have I!”

“You do know that we will end up doing little else if we take our clothes off again,” Ziva pointed out. “Don’t you think we should – get to know one another more in another way a little?”

“Sure,” John took a sip of his orange juice. “You know you can ask me anything.”

“Hmm,” she thought as she looked up at him and nibbled on her sandwich. “I told you about my family, if you wish to call them that. You never speak of yours and I do not mean Teyla and Torren.”

“I don’t really talk about my brother…” John took a deep breath and another sip of his juice. “Dave is the son my dad wanted me to be, take over dad’s successful business and sort of becoming him… I’ve always been the family’s disappointment. I went to Stanford, not Harvard, and oh boy, when I joined the military both my dad and my brother were furious.” He chuckled, “When I showed up for my dad’s funeral all Dave could think about was that I was after my father’s money.”

“Surely he came to understand how much you’ve done for yourself and others?” she asked as she rested her arm across his thigh comfortably. The way they were situated made it feel like they physically fit together so well that some small things like that felt like second nature to her even if she hadn’t realized it consciously. “You did not accept the family money or did your father not leave anything?”

“Well, Dave apologized after I told him that serving the country was the best thing I could have done for my family, but I haven’t seen him since I got back, I doubt he ever called the number I had left for him to contact me,” John shrugged. “I guess he did give me some of dad’s money. I don’t know. There are so many numbers in my bank account from serving the Air Force the last few years that I don’t really care if he did.”

Thinking about her own father and how fragile their relationship was, they were only just beginning to speak somewhat after her choice to leave Mossad completely and sought her independence. “Family is important, if at least for minimum contact,” she said softly.

“Yeah, I know,” John answered. “But considering we haven’t really been a family for a very long time, I’m okay with it. Teyla and Torren are a part of my family now, as well as Dr. Beckett and my friend Ronon.”

Ziva looked up at him, “Ronon is the tall one that came with you that first day, right?”


“A phone call or the occasional email can go a long way,” she said. “I believed that I was fine with not hearing from my father – after. But I do appreciate his small attempts.”

“Maybe, but to be honest, I don’t really want to hear his disapproval of me again,” John admitted. “What’s your relationship with your father like?”

“Considering he sent me on a mission that was surely one that would kill me? He and I are better by speaking only by phone and email but things are slowly mending.” she shrugged as she picked at a stray fiber on the knee of his pants.

“I really can’t imagine why any father would do such a thing to his daughter, different culture or not.”

She shifted down so that her head rested on John’s lap and looked up to watch him quietly. Her eyes followed him and admiring his features, wondering how they would be able to make this work.

“Do you like science fiction movies?” John wondered as he continued to play with her hair. He was probably going too fast for his own liking – or those of others – but this, just him and Ziva, felt good, even beyond that, it felt as if they were a perfect fit for each other and she might be the one person he could ask permission for to tell what he had been up to.

“Sometimes,” she answered. “Although I do not watch many movies anymore. Tony and I used to have on going dinners if either of us did not have a date years ago but not so much anymore. I do more reading…”

“I noticed that, what kind of books do you read then?”

She shrugged. “Almost anything. I have been going through Edgar Allen Poe’s collection lately. How about you?”

“Not since I’ve returned… my copy of War and Peace that I had been reading for the past 6 years didn’t survive the attack on base.”

She laughed. “War and Peace? I wonder how many chapters you managed to get through in six years…”

“Uhm… about 2/3 of the book, it was very busy around base,” he said as he started on his last sandwich. “I’m not much of a reader, I used to play golf, but I doubt I aim at a hole these days. It takes a lot of effort to keep my shooting average up.”

She nodded as she thought. Smiling, she pushed herself up, taking his hand with her. “Come with me,” Ziva said and lead him to the tent. By then it aired out and cooled off inside with the vent windows open. Pulling him in with her she pushed him to his back and laid down beside him.

“What are we doing in here?”

“Well, there are less bugs,” she pointed out. “We can rest some as we had not had a completely restful sleep even with our activities last night and this morning. Unless you wish for a repeat?” Ziva chuckled.

“Oh I wouldn’t mind,” he chuckled. “But yeah, you’re probably right.” John pulled her closer so that he could kiss her again.

She grinned into his kiss. “I would not mind myself,” she said and leaned up on her arm for support as so she could easier kiss and make out in the small space.

“We’re a couple of perverts,” he chuckled as he pulled her on top of him.

She laughed as she settled in a comfortable position straddling his stomach where her rear end rested against his thighs that were raised as he bent his legs. “Perhaps, but is that a bad thing?”

“I guess not. Not this weekend.” He sneaked his hands underneath her shirt and started to caress her lower back.

“Mmm I don’t think we will be doing much hiking like we had originally planned,” Ziva chuckled as she pulled her shirt off for him.

“Hiking… right…” he gently caressed her stomach and moved up his hands towards her breasts. “We could always go hiking next week.”

She shifted so that she was able to rock herself over his growing erection. “Hmm and next week we would likely find ourselves in a similar…position, if we go by ourselves.”

“Or… we could take Teyla and Torren to Disney World,” he groaned as he fondled her breasts.

Ziva slid her own hands under his shirt and pinched at his nipples. “Now McGee and DiNozzo would be jealous if they were not included,” she sighed as he squeezed her breast.

“Sure… they can come too…” John groaned and started to try to open her pants. “What ever you’d like…”

“In a hurry?” she chuckled before sliding out of his reach to lean down and trail kisses and gentle nips over his chest.

“Apparently, I’m not.” he chuckled and pulled off his shirt, not wanting her to destroy this one too.

Ziva only grinned as she bit down on his left nipple before playing with it with her tongue. She slid her hand up and traced her finger over his lip.

“Ah!” he laughed and gently bit her finger. He then put his arms around her and managed to roll them over without disturbing the tent much. He gently laid her down on the floor and started to kiss her neck.

Ziva opened her legs so that he could settle over her comfortably. Raking her fingers over his back, her hands explored as much of his exposed skin she could. “John!” she breathed out as her skin felt aflame wherever his lips touched.

“Yes?” he chuckled as he flicked his tongue over her nipple.

“Ughh!” she gurgled out as her hips thrust out and met his at the sensation. “Oh jeez…”

“Oh come on, I can’t be that bad.” He grinned as he did the same on her other breast.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned and dug her fingers into his hair tightly to hold him where he was.

“Gladly, but you asked if I was in a hurry.” He gently bit in her nipple before he licked it again.

Ziva laughed. “Well, oh god! If you keep that up, rushing would the last thing on either our thoughts…”

“I’m not the one keeping my head at your breast,” he grinned as he bit on a part of her breast.

She struggled with letting him loose. “Just as long as you follow the path,” she grinned down at him.

“What path? The one up?” he said as he kissed his way up again, licking her collar bone. “Or back down again?” he said, this way lingering at her other breast, gently nibbling on her nipple.

She bucked her hips again and moaned. “What do you think,” she said and grabbed his crotch.

He groaned and then chuckled. “Nope, you said no hurry…”

“John,” she warned.

“Ziva?” he said innocently as he circled her belly button with his tongue as he started to open her pants.

She let her head fall back to the sleeping back and moaned. She lifted her hips to help him. “You are going to be the death of me…”

“Don’t worry, I know CPR.” He peeled her pants down her legs, and got rid of her shoes before completely liberating her from her pants. “Oh…” he ran a finger up and down her legs as he kissed his way down from her belly button to her creamy lips. “You taste so good…” he hummed.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned and let her legs fall open. Her fingers found their way to his hair again. He was a skilled lover, she was able to tell and she knew that for now, he was hers.

She hadn’t given him a chance on their first round of fooling around in the dirt, and he was making up for it. He loved pleasing his lovers, and took extreme pleasure right now in licking her center, while his left hand caressed her leg.

Ziva squirmed under him and her moans and breaths filled the small area that was quickly warming up despite the cool breeze that was coming off the lake. Lifting her head, she was barely able to keep watching him when John did another trick with his tongue that sent her weak throughout her body.

“You taste so good…” he muttered as he kissed his way back up while getting out of his pants. “And you look so beautiful…”

Ziva pulled him up to her level and kissed him deeply. The fact that she could taste herself on his lips made her more excited and desired him even more.

John moaned as he started to prepare her for him, he couldn’t help it. She had proven to him earlier that she could take him easily, but he loved this bit as Ziva was still squirming underneath him.

Her eyes were dark and dilated as she looked up John, taking him in hungrily. He was amongst one of the most beautiful men she had ever met, both inside and out. Possibly the most ever and felt that despite their quick physical relationship that she could one day fully let her walls down to him.

Once he had inserted three of his fingers and stretched her, he softly kissed her. “Are you ready?” He asked as he repositioned himself so he could easily enter her.

“Yes,” Ziva whispered and nodded as she watched him reposition himself between her legs.

He gently guided himself in, moaning as he felt her warmth encase his demanding cock and licking her neck.

She groaned out loudly at the sensation of him filling her. If they were back in the city, in her apartment, Ziva’s neighbor would have certainly heard her. As John began to thrust slowly she lifted her hips to meet his.

He gently started to pick up the pace with his thrusting, her skin felt as if it was on flame when he licked her neck, and the noises she made drove him insane. “You’re so beautiful…” he muttered in her ear.

She turned her head to look him in the eyes. “So are you,” she said, leaning in to kiss him.

He deepened the kiss as he started to thrust deeper and harder inside of her, only to break off the kiss when they both needed air.

Ziva moaned out when she got more oxygen as John began hitting her spot. Her panting increased as she felt like she was filling with fire.

“Oh Ziva…” he groaned once he had found the right pace for him, thrusting as deep as her body allowed him to. He tried to keep the tent in place but it was shaking with each movement.

She stretched her arms around him as he braced himself over her. Her nails scratched down his back and dug deeper with each deep thrust. Calling out, Ziva could feel her stomach tightening and bit down on his shoulder as she came.

He rode out her orgasm with her before he came himself, making sure he wouldn’t collapse on her. He then rolled off of her and chuckled as he tried to catch his breath.

Laying there, Ziva grinned next to her. “This is going to be a very active weekend for us,” she said between breaths.

“We’d need a week’s sleep to deal with this weekend.”

“Yes,” she laughed and turned on her side face John. “So, I was wondering. You told Teyla that you would be back Monday, so does that mean you will be staying with me again tomorrow night?”

“Maybe… if you haven’t gotten enough of me yet,” he grinned.

She shook her head. “No, I won’t have enough. I wouldn’t take no for answer anyway. You do know that you are most welcome by me anytime.”

“Well then, yes, I’d love to stay at your place tomorrow night,” he smiled and took her in his arms. “We might have to do some shopping though, I’m not sure if Gibbs will appreciate it if I show up for work in a torn shirt.”

“We can leave a little earlier then tomorrow. I also need to do some major food shopping if I will be having company more often now.”

They talked for a while longer and eventually John dozed off in a light sleep. He woke up again after a few hours and Ziva was draped over him. He needed to take a leak, and most definitely rinse off the dirt from earlier. John gently tried to push Ziva aside, but she kept holding on to him. “Ziva, I need to piss…” he said softly and kept on trying to pry her arms off of him.

She grumbled before letting him go, turning over. “Hurry back,” she mumbled as she pulled his pillow over to throw her leg over comfortably.

John relieved himself outside in the foliage before going into the lake, it was refreshingly cold compared to the heat and the dirt sticking to him. “Ziva! This feels so good!”

She groaned in the tent and sat up. Ziva stumbled out of the tent and looked around. She smiled at the sight of John in the water and went to join him. As they hadn’t bothered putting any clothing back on after their last round, she figured it would be a waste if they were just going to keep ripping the clothes off each other.

“Hey sexy,” she smiled as she entered the water slowly.

“Hello gorgeous.” He grinned and pulled her closer to him. “How was your nap?”

“Not nearly long enough,” she answered as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Nuzzling her face into his wet neck and sighed.

“This is nice,” he said and softly started to kiss her neck.

“Mmm,” she smiled and wrapped her legs around his waist. It was innocent enough and while she would not object to yet another tryst, she was content with simply his close company.

“So…” he said as he started to wade deeper into the water. “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done, outside of work?”

She lifted her head and looked at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well… for example… when I was at Stanford, my room mate and I didn’t sleep and didn’t shower for an entire week. Not because we were studying hard, it was some sort of social experiment that he wanted to do, he just didn’t want to do it all by himself. Back then, I was bumping into walls on day four.”

“Ew!” Ziva laughed. “That’s disgusting! Well, it would be related to work but before NCIS. It was actually how I met Jenny – Director Shepard, who died a few years ago. In Cairo, we somehow ended up in bed together in order to keep our covers on our respective missions.”

“Really?” John smiled widely. “You and another woman sharing a bed?”

She smiled devilishly. “Maybe more,” she hinted. “Why is it that men have this insane fantasy of two women together? Abby and I spent a weekend together and automatically Tony and McGee are like puppies at our feet!”

“Well…you and Abby…” he mused.

Ziva narrowed her eyes and looked him in the eye. “You too? Oh gee! Maybe I should call Abby and have her stay over as well tomorrow,” she said thoughtfully.

“Oh no… no… absolutely not.” John said resolutely. “I have my hands full with you already.” He kissed again, “Besides, I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

She laughed loudly, nodding. “Shame. I know Abby would not mind though,” she winked and leaned in to kiss him.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he groaned as she kissed him.

By the time the couple were leaving the following afternoon, John and Ziva were more than sated. She lost track of how many rounds they went, how many orgasms she experienced, and the number of times she came gloriously. With several dips in the lake to cool their exerted bodies, as well as clean their bodies of dirt, grass, and leaves, they were just as active there.

Driving back into the city, they stopped for a romantic dinner at a small restaurant that had a loose dress code and had a small trip to the department store for new clothes for John that she insisted on paying for where he could get some wine they could share later in bed. She toyed with her phone, debating on calling Teyla – and Tony, to let them know they they were indeed alright, she changed her mind. They would see them the following day and how she and John would be able to keep their secret left her unsure.



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