Chapter 15: Wide Awake

Bella was amazed by the amount of people who had shown up on the outskirts of DeLand where the Cullens were. Klaus’ hybrids, some New Orleans vampires, New Orleans witches, Stefan and Damon, and much to her surprise there were some Quileute wolves who felt uncomfortable to shift out of their wolf personas.

“Peter asked Garrett to go to ask the wolves if they wanted to do what they were built for,” Jasper said quietly as he stood next to Bella. “You know the history of the Quileutes, don’t you?”

Bella nodded. She knew that they were classified as shifters, not particularly as werewolves due to their size and the moon didn’t faze them at all, but she’d never thought they’d actually existed. “They look like big horses.”

“Toys, really,” Jasper said amused. “However, I’m grateful to them for coming. It will make it a lot easier for us to take them all down. Rumors are that some of the Volturi guard had fled Italy before Peter and Charlotte destroyed them and the Cullens have many friends, as you know.”

“It’s going to be dangerous for all of you, isn’t it?” Bella asked quietly. She wasn’t so sure now if this was the best thing to do, but she knew that she couldn’t talk anyone out of this. The Cullens were going to rise again and again and again if they weren’t stopped. There was a chance that they were going to hurt so many more girls if they were allowed to go on and that wasn’t fair.

He smiled at her. “But consider the alternative. If not us, then who?”

“I wish I could help in some way,” she admitted as she looked at her brother. “I’m the only one here who’s useless.”

“Ah, you know what? We’ll be saving Edward’s pieces for you so you can light him on fire. Carlisle is mine.”

Bella could feel how sharp Jasper’s teeth had become and she could understand why. Carlisle had been the root of both of their lives, he was the one who had set Jasper’s path in motion, who had changed Bella. This was personal. “As long as you come back in one piece, Buttercup, we have a lot of time to make up for.”

He smiled at her, then. “Don’t you worry, Bunny. I know what I’m doing.”

“One thing still worries me, though,” Klaus joined them to speak to Jasper. “Unlike vampires of your kind, we need to be invited into places. Are you certain we can enter that building?”

“Peter said not to worry,” Jasper said to Klaus. “He said that we have everything we need to take them down. He’s just sorry he can’t be here.”

Klaus huffed. “He’s a coward.”

“He and his mate singlehandedly disposed of the Volturi, I highly doubt that he’s a coward, Klaus,” Jasper retorted, slightly offended. “He merely choose to sit this one out. That’s his choice. He’s never been wrong about things before. I trust that we, indeed, have nothing to worry about.”

“Alright then! Let’s get this party started!” Klaus said cheerfully as he pointed at the witches and werewolves. “Vampires first, you come in behind us. Kol, I entrust you with Bella’s safety.”

“Oh, gee, Nik. As if I would allow anything to happen to her!”

“You’re really going to knock on their front door?” Jasper mused as he fell in line next to Klaus.

“I’m nothing but polite to my enemies,” Klaus replied playfully. “We’re merely going to give them a slight head’s up about what’s about to happen and we’ll see what’s going to happen from there. Not everything has to be done by force.”

“Although you prefer it.”

“In this case, I find it’s best to do my best to fuck with someone’s head,” Klaus smirked as he looked at Jasper. “They know this behaviour from Elijah, not from me. I’m not diplomatic, but it’s fun to fuck around.”

“As long as you only fuck me, that’s fine,” Myriam piped up as she joined Klaus on his other side. “I can’t wait to tear into them,” her vampire visage bled out then. “Rip them apart and shove their hands up their asses and their dicks in their ears.”

“And with what will you plug the hole that’s left by ripping off their manhood, love?” Klaus asked amused. He loved the way Myriam responded to battle. She was always so passionate, so eager. Not a lot of people had gotten to see this side of her, but underneath all that patience, there was a raging Queen.

“Their feet!”

“Sounds delightful, my love,” he laughed and looked behind him to see if everyone had fallen in behind them before he started to run towards the building that held the Cullens. They had made the mistake of not having any kind of security around the building. Even if they hadn’t suspected them to come and kill them all, they would have known that only time would tell when they would. Klaus would have put people outside to keep an eye out on things. This was disappointing.

Stopping in front of the door, he knocked on the door while Jasper stood out of sight next to him and Myriam right next to Klaus. He could already feel that it was going to be impossible to enter the building. All the vampires needed to get invited in. “I thought you said that Peter said we had nothing to worry about?” Klaus hissed at the friendly Cold One.

“Trust me,” Jasper nodded, but couldn’t hide his worry. Peter had never fucked up, why start now? “Have I let you down since we’ve met?”

Klaus eyed him but was then distracted by the door opening, revealing Emmett Cullen, looking surprised by the amount of people standing in the driveway. “I wasn’t made aware of the fact that we were expecting company,” he said a bit off. “Especially not this many. We’re not open, man.”

“You will open your home to us,” Klaus smiled at Emmett. “Either voluntarily or I’m going to use force. You and your family have a lot to answer to.”

“Uh…” Emmett scratched his head before turning around. “Carlisle! There are some pantsy vampires here, can I beat them up?”

Sighing, not believing Emmett’s stupidity, or perhaps believing it, Jasper turned to pull the bigger vampire outside and tossed him into the midst of the New Orleans vampires. “Have at him, boys,” he grinned as he looked at Klaus. “What? If you can’t come in, I’ll just have to pull them out one by one!”

“The idea is to get in!”

It were Alice and Carlisle who showed up to the open door next, both looking surprised. “Why didn’t I see this coming? Why didn’t I see this? Jasper! You’ve hurt us so much! Where have you been!”

“Niklaus Mikaelson,” Carlisle greeted Klaus, speaking in his hushed voice. “I was wondering when we’d meet again. How’s your brother, Elijah?”

“Elijah’s not here, I’m afraid. You’re going to have to deal with me.” Klaus could see the color drain from the already pale vampire’s face. “Are you going to ask your human to invite me in so we can talk?”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” he replied calmly. “We’ve been unable to contact her for quite some time now, which is a good thing for security reasons, obviously.” Carlisle motioned to the horde of vampires who were pulling apart his adoptive son. “You do realize that what you’re doing is an act of war against my family.”

“You started it,” Myriam spoke up. “By abusing and assaulting all those girls.”

“Ah yes, the brothel owner,” Carlisle smiled at her. “We know everything about you, Myriam Jenkins. We knew where our escaped girls were the entire time even if we couldn’t follow them from a distance. If it hadn’t been for the heroic act of Mr. Mikaelson here during his party, we would have come for them eventually.”

“Please step aside so I can give you a piece of my mind,” Myriam said, her vampire face bleeding out again and Klaus had to put his hand on her arm to make her stay put. As much as he wanted to do the same thing, they needed to get inside first.

“Hey, Alice,” Jasper smiled at her and gently cupped her chin. “How’s my favourite seer doing?”

“I miss you.”

“I know, baby,” he cooed and upped the feeling of being in love with him for her. “Now, who’s the human that is protecting you all from harm?”

“Alice, don’t,” Carlisle pulled Alice away from his former security officer and pointed at Jasper. “You disappoint me, Jasper.”

“He hasn’t disappointed me,” Myriam said, a big smile on her face. “You must have been doing something wrong.”

“Alice, don’t make me ask you again,” Jasper said sternly. He knew Alice liked to play both sides, it’s likely why she sent Bella to the party instead of someone else. Alice sometimes lamented about the fact that what Carlisle was doing was harmful and it made her think about the asylum she’d been in. “One way or another, we’ll come in. If you want to survive this, you’re going to have to tell me.”

“I can’t,” Alice replied. “She’s likely far away, I can’t trace her or see what’s happening. It’s exactly what Carlisle wants because…”

Jasper smirked as he turned to Klaus. He knew exactly what Alice meant. It was smart. Anything precious wouldn’t be brought to battle; normally. But the Mikaelsons were crazy and neither of them wanted Bella out of the fight because she deserved seeing them all burn. “Quite clever, don’t you think? She never died, she’s still human and because she’s temporarily unavailable to them, she’s the perfect security measure.”

“Let’s give her a call to test this theory, shall we?” Klaus replied as he turned around. “Kol! Could you bring her up front, please?”

The vampires behind Klaus, Jasper and Myriam parted and revealed Kol and Bella as they walked towards the door. “Are you insane?” Carlisle spat. “If we are going to fight -”

“Oh, we are,” Klaus smirked.

“She could get herself killed!”

“Wouldn’t that be a pity?” Klaus cocked his head as he looked at Carlisle. “You wouldn’t be able to use her as a baby farm or a science project if you’d survive this.”

Kol had his arm around a shaking Bella. She didn’t want to go, but unlike her, Kol had great hearing and knew that this was all part of some scheme his brother was pulling. Nothing was going to happen to her, he had assured her of that.

“Hey bunny,” Jasper smiled at her and took a step closer to her to make her feel safe. His sister was shitting bricks, just like Alice was doing at the moment.

“No way,” Alice gasped as she looked at the girl. She looked exactly like Jasper. If this was the girl the deed of the house was in, it meant that this was the Princess and Carlisle had done even worse things than she had believed him to have done.

“Meet my twin sister, Alice, this is Bella Whitlock.”

“You wouldn’t be so crazy to bring her, it’s all an act,” Carlisle huffed. “You have witches on your side to glamour people. This is not the real Bella.”

“Let’s test that theory, shall we?” Klaus smiled and turned to Bella. “Love, we believe that you’re the owner of this building and we really need to get in. All of us.”

“Don’t,” Carlisle commanded as he levelled his gaze on Bella. “Be a good girl and don’t invite them in, they will get us all killed! You need to protect this family, princess, be a good girl and protect us.”

Bella saw the worried looks on Klaus’ and Kol’s faces before looking back at Carlisle. “What if it’s what I want?”

“You don’t want to kill us, we’re your family.”

“No, you’re not. Jasper is. Kol, Myriam and Klaus are. They’re my warm blankets with extremely sharp teeth and,” she took a deep breath before raising her voice. “Every vampire in this parking lot is invited in, please enter!” Before she knew it, Kol had pulled her against him as everyone rushed in, around them. The excitement of the vampires made her body tingle. She could feel everyone, all at once.

When the werewolves and witches followed, only then Kol released her and smiled at her. “I am so proud of you,” he kissed the top of her head. “Are you okay?”

“I’m ashamed to admit that it felt good to chose not to listen to Carlisle. I was worried that I would and…”

“But you didn’t. And I’m so proud of you.” He then grinned and took her hand. “Want to go inside and watch the massacre?”


Bella found it oddly satisfying and thrilling to see everyone fight. The emotions flying around were like a rollercoaster and quite possibly wearing her out from having to deflect and ignore them, but she felt relieved that there was finally going to be an ending to the Cullen’s exploitation of girls.

Some witches had found a handful of girls who hadn’t been treated yet and had released them and a handful of New Orleans vampires had gotten themselves killed when fighting the Cullen’s friends, but in the end, the battle was short and swift. The Cullens hadn’t been prepared and it showed.

They realized too late that Carlisle Cullen had been hiding out until the battle was over, until nobody was on alert anymore before sneaking up on Bella and plunged a large bore syringe in her neck, making her cry out in pain and stumble away from Kol. The solution was burning, burning inside her veins, inside of every cell of her body and it was working fast. It almost felt like a cleansing and she realized what it was.

She was going to die.

Bella managed to pull the syringe out of her neck as Kol and Jasper tore Carlisle in half. She watched them as she slid down the wall to sit down and goofily smiled. She still had the last laugh as Carlisle’s head rolled away.

Kol quickly made his way over to Bella and took her into his arms. “Hey, stay with me here,” he said as she could feel his panic rise. “What’s going on, tell me.”

“I’m dying,” she said as her body spasmed. “Everything in my body is shutting down rapidly,” she then let out a laugh. “He didn’t win. Even with my death.”

“I don’t want you to die, Bella.”

“Neither of us wants you to die,” Jasper said as he squatted down in front of her and Kol. Klaus and Myriam were standing behind him. “Especially not me.”

“I am.”

“She’s in pain,” Jasper said, his pale complexion turning white. “She’s in so much pain and she’s not giving up.”

“I could turn you,” Kol whispered as he kissed the top of her head and held her closer. “Bella, please, let me turn you.”

She smiled, then. While the excitement of the other vampires was still there, those feelings were drowned out by the millions of warm blankets around her. “You’d really want me to stay?”

“Yes,” he replied and pushed her hair out of her face. “Because of the blankets and you have so much to experience of this beautiful world, Bella, please…”

“I like the blankets,” she muttered as her eyes closed. Her legs and arms felt so heavy all of a sudden, her head felt as if it was going to come off.

Kol gently shook her when her heart started to slow down. “Bella.”

“Yes. I want to stay.”

Her voice was barely a whisper then, but it was enough. Biting his wrist, he opened her mouth with one hand and put his wrist against her mouth. “Swallow, darling,” he encouraged her. “You’re going to fall asleep and when you awake, you’ll feel brand new.”

It didn’t take long for her heart to stop and her breathing to stop existing.

Kol then freaked out. What if Bella hadn’t swallowed enough of his blood? Humans only needed a little of vampire blood to turn but Bella had been experimented upon, her whole genetic makeup messed with. What if it hadn’t been enough? Worse yet; what if it didn’t take?

“Get her home, Kol. We’ll clean up,” Klaus said gently as he squeezed his brother’s shoulder. “Take care of her.”


Kol hadn’t left Bella’s side since getting her back to the house in Daytona. He had cleaned her up and dressed her in her most comfortable clothes, didn’t forget to put her into one of his worn shirts, and waited for what seemed to be a very long time. It wasn’t until he could hear her heart starting to beat again that he dared to let out a breath of relief.

It had taken longer than usual and that had scared him shitless. A life without Bella was scary to him, because he would have done stupid things that would most likely have caused him to end up in the box again because Kol could be so stupid and impulsive. He knew that. He had no control and had only learned to control himself a little because of Bella. And she loved him for who he was. What he was.

Jasper and Selene dropped by the house while he was waiting for her to wake up, which could take some time, with a present from Jasper for Bella; it was a beautiful ring that Selene has spelled to be a daylight ring and he hadn’t even thought of arranging that so soon. His main concern was that Bella was coming out of her transition as a healthy vampire, everything else was just white noise.

Not much later Rebekah arrived with Nik and Myriam with a compelled human in tow, assuring Kol that this was a bad person and that Bella wouldn’t mind drinking from him. Hell, Kol was so stressed out that he decided against fighting for control and had taken some for himself too, leaving enough for Bella to drink, but just enough for him to take the edge off.

His biggest wish for Bella would be to have lost the ability to feel emotions the way that she had. It was a magical part of her and usually magic died when the host was turned. However, Bella was such an unusual creature that it wouldn’t surprise him if that ability remained.

Whatever the outcome, Bella was his and he would love every silly little quirk.

While the rest of them took a nap, Jasper stayed with Kol to watch over Bella and the moment she stirred, they were both standing next to the bed. Waiting. Eagerly.

“It’s so creepy to notice that there are two people watching you sleep,” she muttered as she moved to rub her eyes. “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Kol’s heart jumped with joy as he crawled on the bed and kissed her forehead. “Good morning beautiful, how do you feel?”

Bella opened her eyes and eyed him. “Hungry,” she said before kicking the blankets off of her and noticing what she was wearing. “You redressed me.”


“You’re such a pervert!” Bella exclaimed before pulling Kol down for a kiss. “Where’s my food?”

Bella was going to be a strong vampire, Kol could tell by the way her fingers were grasping his hair. Tight. “Well aren’t you demanding.”

“I think I’m allowed to demand food. I want to complete the transition and then…” she playfully licked her lips as she looked at him. “I want you to see how many times you can make me come.”

“I’m out,” Jasper said, throwing his hands up in the air. “Good luck with that one.”

“Buttercup!” Bella squealed as she released Kol and hugged her brother tightly. “Do you remember that one time when we were playing in the hayloft? I nearly fell off and you pulled me back up to safety. If you hadn’t, I would have been dead or something.”

“You remember?” Jasper was surprised.

“Oh, do I!” Bella giggled and pointed at her head. “I’m not even a full vampire yet and my head feels so much lighter, like a fog has lifted and I remember so many things of our childhood, Jasper, it feels so good to remember! Oh, the stories I can tell you… unless I forget all of them once I’m a vampire but… oh… granny made the best Apple Pie ever. And this one time, we got so drunk from granddaddy’s moonshine… Oh, that was so fun but boy, were we in trouble!”

“Alright,” he laughed. Bella was like an excited puppy. “Calm down before you hurt yourself, okay? Kol is getting you someone to snack on. We have all the time in the world.”

Kol ran out of the room to pull in the compelled human and handed him to Bella. “So…” he looked at Jasper as Bella sank her teeth in the man. “She rebooted?”

Jasper smirked at that. “Seems so. Isn’t it beautiful, though? She truly got her second chance at life and I’m glad I’m here to witness that. Bella deserves that. She deserves you.”

“She’s going to be worse than Rebekah, won’t she?”

“Likely,” Jasper grinned and pat Kol on his back. “Good luck. I’m out because man, she’s horny.”

“That’s fine. So am I,” Kol grinned and watched Jasper bolt out of the bedroom. He sat down on the bed and watched in admiration as Bella drained every last drop of blood from her human. “You don’t have to kill him, you know, you could give him some time to recover and then feed from him again.”

Bella dropped the unconscious body of the man to the floor and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Says the vampire with no control.”

“Control is overrated.”

“I agree,” she said as she pounced on him, pushing him down to the mattress. “Thank you, Kol.”

“For what?” He laughed.

“For my life.”


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  1. Thank you! I usually do write happy endings, if not, my wifey will give me a slap on the wrist 🙂

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  3. excellent! the perfect ending to the perfect story. 🙂

  4. Beautiful ending!

  5. I had a feeling the human was Bella.. lol very nice! i love it even though Carlisle tried to kill her. i love this ending. its was perfect and i love it that Selene made her ring. and jasper was there when she woke up and she had a memory boot up 😉 that was perfect! Thanks for including Selene within it. Perfect Story. Can’t wait for your next one!

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