The Vampires Are Coming


Summary: A high class escort gets hired to liven the party. What could possibly go wrong?
Pairing: All I can say at this point is that I think you’ll like it.
Other Characters: Bella Swan, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Katherine Pierce.
Rating: Mature. Like… MATURE.
Wordcount: 19.000 words.
WARNING: It’s not suitable for ffnet. This story has lemony content and while it may look like a PWP, it’s not. No dubious consent but a fair warning; there’s consented abuse. There is some mild BDSM, femmeslash and uhh… well, all the shit you expect of me.
Author’s Note: This plays during the Vampire Diaries episode “Dangerous Liaisons”.
Author’s Note 2: I can’t believe I wrote an AU to one of my own stories. Whoops.

Chapter 00
Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07
Chapter 08
Chapter 09

Story is complete. Look out for the sequel, coming soon!


  1. I aim to please!! Playing in my own universe is so much fun 🙂

    Sure! What do you need the dimensions to be?

  2. You made me laugh :), an AU of one of your own stories!? lmao
    Any way, do you have a banner I can use for Fanfiction Minions &/or FFN rather than the WP and FFN logos? If you do you can pass it on via the Minions FB page or my Contact Me Page. Thank you either way :D. (The one you have on here is HTML or some such, therefore I can’t use it.)

  3. Looking forward to this new adventure.

  4. This really sounds like its going to be a good story 😉 Can’t wait till you start posting ducky 🙂

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