Chapter 10

Over the following several days, everything moved quickly. While Aracely enjoyed her morning in the market with her friend at her side, her return to the Castle was overwhelming as she was pulled back to her private bed chambers to prepare for the crowning of the new King and his Queen. Teyla avoided her almost the entire time except for times where she had to convey messages between John and her before the services.

The crowning was a long drawn out evening that Aracely was greatly relieved when it was over so that they would be able to proceed to the supper table as she was greatly hungered. As members of the court were to join the royal couple, she came across her first objection when she insisted that her friend Gabriella join them. Many of the older men in the court expressed their displeasure of a servant dining with them, but was quickly silenced by John.

“If you do not agree with my ways, feel free to leave.” John told them. “I am sure that replacements are easy to find.”

John had hated the coronation. He had insisted on a short one, but it seemed to go on for hours. Between bringing his father to his eternal resting place in the crypt underneath the castle and the coronation, he wanted to eat and spend the rest of the evening asleep.

“Or actually, anyone who does not agree with my ways, I want to see you tomorrow. I might have something for you that you will like.” He shrugged as he took a bite out of his chicken.

That brought about a look of surprise in Aracely who looked at him questioningly. “My John?” she asked softly.

John grinned. “I will send them out to find the villages who need our help.” He whispered in her ear with a smile. “Inventory it all and things like that. That way I won’t have to send soldiers out.”

She sat back in her chair with a smile that earned looks of caution on the others. Nodding her agreement she continued her meal in a much cheerful mood.

Supper continued on more as expected before everyone gratefully retired for the evening. There was a great deal more needed to be tended to but it all would be worked on its time.

John was glad to be in his chambers, without any of the servants. Even though Gabriella had made him laugh when she had wished the both of them good night with a giggle and a ‘can’t believe I’ve just called you Queen, Aracely!’.

He had made it clear to Teyla that if both he and Aracely needed anything they’d call for a servant, he had also made it clear to her that maybe it was time for her to step down as head of house, but she was free to stay at the castle for as long as she wanted. That didn’t really sit well with Teyla, but she had to admit she deserved that and she would think about his proposal.

John poured him and Aracely a glass of wine and kicked off his boots before he sat down in his chair. “Are you pleased that these events are over?” she asked as she finished changing for the night.

John nodded. “Although the next days will be probably even more horrific.” he replied as he took a sip of his wine. “I have a lot of catching up to do and decisions to make.”

“Yes,” she said taking a sip of her wine as she sat. “What have you decided to do with Miss Teyla? Other than her – method of choice for pushing my anger, she has served her role to you very well. Has she not?”

“Yes… anyone else who would have done what she has would most likely end up in chains or sent back home to where they came from, I just can’t do that to Teyla.” He rubbed his eyes tiredly. “I have given her the choice to give up her position and let her stay at the castle for as long as she wishes.”

Aracely smiled lightly. “I do wish you had not done that but it is now said and done. I have observed her over the day. I do believe that she – learned the wrong of her lessons.”

“She probably has.” John sighed. “However, it’s probably for the best if she steps down to avoid her making the same mistakes in her judgement. Should she not decide to, I will have to think of something else.”

“Give her time. She may surprise us both,” she replied. “Let us rest now. It was a long day for you.”

John downed his wine and started to get out of the many layers of clothing. Not ever again will I wear this… I hope he thought as he eyed them from the heap in the corner as he got into his night wear. “How are you feeling?”

“Weary but fine,” Aracely said with a lazy smile from the wine. “And you?”

“Definitely a bit drunk.” John nodded, trying to remember how many glasses he had during supper and lost count. He climbed into bed. “I’m surprised I’m making sense.”

“You sound perfectly well,” she replied finishing her glass then went to join him under the covers. “You looked very handsome in your dressings today though. That is very clear in my mind while everything else feels to be a blur.”

John snuggled up to Aracely and smiled. “Really? Because all I could think of was you today, I am sure you made many hearts skip a few beats.”

“I certainly hope not. Last thing I wish for is to have someone at my chamber door,” she rolled her eyes. “Of course, they would be disappointed to find me not there, which is perfectly acceptable.”

“They’d have to go through me first.” He grinned as he kissed her tenderly.

Aracely kissed him back smiling. “As I said, they would be disappointed to find my bed empty as I would be elsewhere with the one I choose much more.”

John slowly strayed with his kisses to her neck whispering, “Should I be jealous of this man you choose?”

“Well,” she said between unsteady breaths. “He is quite a handsome fellow, strikingly so in fact. I did try to resist his advances on many occasions.”

“I believe I will have to find this suitor of yours and banish him from the lands. I do not wish to share my wife with another man as much as she does not wish to share me with other women,” he said as he shifted so that he was almost over her as he smiled down, running his fingers through her hair that had fallen against the pillows.

“I find that would be difficult because that suitor is too the King,” she grinned.

“I can hardly banish myself.” John frowned. “Hmm…” He slowly caressed her torso and smiled. “I could however, if you wished me to, starve myself.” He teased.

Aracely playfully frowned. “I do not wish for my husband to make himself weak and ill for my sake. What good would that do for either of our needs?”

“I wouldn’t completely starve myself… I have you to eat.” He grinned.

“Would I not be messy? And I don’t believe I would particular enjoy being eaten. I like my body just as it is…”

“You’ll see.” John grinned as he yawned. “I’ll have to show you another time.”

Surprisingly, Aracely found herself feeling a sense of disappointment but nodded. “Sleep well,” she said kissing him. “We have an eternity.”


John woke up the following morning feeling the familiar form of his beautiful Aracely wrapped around him and smiled. He still hadn’t figured out yet how to let her continue her sleep as he tried to get out of bed, but one of these days, he would. Not that he wanted to leave the bed, he had other plans.

He sneaked his hand underneath her night dress and started to caress her stomach, making circular movements with his finger tips, slowly making his way up to her breasts.

She slowly stirred to consciousness to the warm tingles of her husband’s unique touch. Aracely smiled, but still unable to open her eyes from the remnants of sleep. “You truly know how to wake a person,” she mumbled sleepily.

“I’m not done yet.” He kissed her tenderly and brushed her nipple with his thumb as he started to play with her breast.

“Ohh my,” she sighed as she stretched her legs along his body. Blinking her eyes open, she could not help but grin. “Would it not be easier for you without the garments in the way?”

“Of course, but you were sleeping and I couldn’t move.”

Aracely hummed as he continued to tease her breasts, slowly awakening her body in many ways. “John…please,” she begged as her fingers began to seek his arms and skin.

John slowly got up and started to remove her sleeping garments. “You look so adorable when you’re trying to wake up.” He said as he kissed her after pulling off her dress.

“I have never been a fan of mornings,” she replied, eager to return his affections. “However I may grow to enjoy them in time.”

“Mornings are evil.” John started to kiss her neck as his hand started to wander over her body.

“Ohh, but if they are such as this often I may believe otherwise,” she said as her eyes followed him. “Of course without any pain would be preferable…”

“No pain.” John promised her while kissing his way down her body. “I promise.”

Nodding, she settled down into the bed to allow him to continue. “I do understand that in time it lessens but I just…”

He looked at her. “I said, no pain.” he told her. “Relax, my love, I will not hurt you today.”

“Don’t you mean you would not cause me pain?” she asked sweetly. “I do trust you.”

He planted a kiss on top of her breast and softly started to caress her inner thigh with his hand. “Relax my sweet, close your eyes and keep breathing.”

Aracely nodded and breathed through his touches, letting out low hums whenever a wave of warmth pleasure tickled over her skin. She was unable to close her eyes as he had asked for she wanted to see him and his every move.

John kissed her nipple before starting to play with it with his mouth, humming a little to send extra vibrations through her body.

She let out a breath enjoying the sensations he gave her. Reaching out, she ran her fingers through his hair, enjoying the softness of its mess.

John took his time to warm Aracely up with his touches before he kissed his way down her stomach and started to pay attention to her hot center with his mouth, licking her out, tasting her, and occasionally gently brushing her pleasure mound to tease her.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out, her hands pulling at the linens. “John! Oh…” she repeated over, losing all sense of thought. The more he gave her with just his tongue the hotter the fire in her stomach burned. “John…”

John hummed and reluctantly stopped with what he was doing. “Breathe.” He reminded her as he caressed her thighs, licking his lips, her taste still lingering. John moved up to kiss her tenderly. “Can I please continue to eat my breakfast now?”

“This is what you meant last night?” she asked nearly delirious from the pleasure. Aracely had lip her own lips to moisten them from being nearly breathless. Being able taste her own body that he left on her from his kiss she found to be extremely erotic. “My lord…”

“I take that as a yes.” John grinned and planted a kiss on her belly button before he continued to pleasure her with his tongue.

She bit down on her lip hard to keep from calling out more when she felt his warmth on her sensitive skin. The fire had continued to build inside that she found it extremely difficult to remain still under his ministrations. As her hips began to buck more against him, she felt his arms wrap around her legs in attempt to hold her down which only further heightened the explosion that was sure to come.

He kept licking her and humming against her heat when her body started to shake and when she started to cry out his name. “Hmm… breakfast.” He smiled when he was sure that her body was done responding to his touch. John crawled back up and took Aracely in his arms, pulling the cover over her.

“My lord,” she breathed out as she slowly came down from her high. “That was…certainly…” she tried to find the words to describe how she felt but was unable to find any. “Oh dear!”

“I told you I wouldn’t hurt you.” John smiled as he caressed her hair.

“Yes you did,” she grinned. She turned to look up at him. “I very much enjoyed that experience!”

“Good to hear.” John replied. “I very much enjoyed that too!”

“Hmm, yes,” Aracely hummed happily laying beside him in bliss. “I don’t think I wish to leave this bed at all during this day now.”

“Well you don’t have to.” John said and kissed her softly. “I will.”

She frowned looking at him. “Must you leave?”

“I’m sorry my love, I have to… I’ll be talking with my Father’s… my advisers all day to see what should be done and what has happened and… well send off a few members of the Royal Court to do some simple inventory.”

She nodded and sighed. “Then I will be waiting for you at the end of your day,” Aracely smiled, tracing his face with her finger. “I have some crafts to entertain me. Gabriella always offered to show me how sew designs to fabric.”

“I am glad you found a way to pass time.” John kissed her and reluctantly got out of bed. “Once everything is settled, you’ll have so much more to do.”

“Yes, I do hope so,” she murmured as she thought of another way to pass the day then. “My John? When you leave would you please have the servant I met yesterday day come in? I believe her name was Amelia.”

“Of course my love.” John found a clean set of clothes, nothing as formal as the things he had to wear yesterday – thankfully. “I will also tell Janet that you’d love to have some breakfast.”

“Thank you,” she replied laying back down, watching him dress. “Will I see you before supper?”

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise you anything, sorry my love.” John was finally dressed and made his way over to Aracely to kiss her again. “I will think of you whilst dealing with boring things.”

She shook her head. “Please do not set aside your duty for me today. I will be fine,” she said. “We will certainly be together in the evening and it will be something to look to brighten the events.”

“If there is anything you want me to do for you, find me.” He kissed her again and left the room, to find Amelia and Janet to tend to his wife.

“You wished to see me, milady?” Amelia’s voice sounded from near the door. “Janet is fetching you breakfast as we speak.”

Aracely sat up and nodded. “Please if you come closer. I do not wish to speak what I ask of you too loudly…But first, would you please bring my gown closer,” she said pointing to the housecoat laying across one of the sitting chairs.

“Of course, milady.” Amelia brought the housecoat to her queen.

She quickly covered herself with the garment and smiled. “Please, sit,” she said moving over on the edge of the bed as she looked towards the door to assure that Janet had not arrived yet. “I have something I wish to ask of you and for me – it is a very big request.”

Amelia sat down on the bed next to her Queen, albeit slightly hesitant. “Yes my queen?”

“Please be honest with me for I have no experience with this prior to my marriage to the King. Have you had the opportunity to be with a man – intimately?” she asked with great discomfort. “I do not mean any offense if you think that I believe you to be, how would I say… free with your body? I just wish for some advice, or guidance in pleasing the King. I know I must sound like a fool to you but I do wish for him to be pleased with me…It’s just, I have observed you and Sir Dex speaking and it appeared as if you and he were a couple…It was really quite endearing to watch you two – oh my, I have said too much haven’t I? I did not wish to intrude…”

Amelia chuckled. “You’re not intruding, my Queen. And I know the fears you speak of, when it comes to Ronon… we… have not shared a bed together yet. However, I could go into town for you and find Hathora, she is a high class whore who has taught your King.”

The smile that Aracely had quickly fell. She was not sure that she wished to come to face one of John’s prior bed mates. “Oh, um…”

“My Queen, she is very discrete and she’s good at what she does. She’s one of the last safe whores in our village. I am sure that she will not mention how the King was useless at first.” Amelia started to blush.

She looked at the girl with a mixture of shock and distaste. “I do not know what to say to that. If she is as you say, I will speak with her,” she nodded, also coming quickly to the decision that she would set out the word that the King was now off limits. A woman still had to keep her pride after all, especially a Queen considering the changes that he had been speaking of making.

“Thing is, my Queen, I could easily fetch you one of the more mature and married women at the Castle, but even the prior King did not trust them with his son, and I doubt the current King would trust them with you, speaking about intimacy. I could get Teyla if you’re uncomfortable with talking to a whore. Teyla-”

“No! I will speak to anyone you may feel would be more appropriate. Someone who does not have the King’s ear. Leave Teyla to her duties,” Aracely quickly replied as she sat up straighter in her own defiance.

“Yes, my Queen.” Amelia looked at the door, seeing Janet walk in with breakfast for the Queen. “I will take care of the matter you spoke of, your guest will be here underneath an hour.” Amelia hopped off the bed and slightly bowed before leaving the room in a hurry with a flushed face.

Aracely nodded as the girl left before turning to Janet. “Pleasant morning,” she smiled, trying to find her sense of control again. Of course she quickly realized that simply thinking of the things Teyla had said and done was more than adequate fuel for her fire.

“It is my Queen. I have brought you a hearty meal as requested by the King. Shall I prepare your wardrobe for the day?” Janet asked as she sat the food tray to the table.

“If you would. After I eat I think I may sit out in the gardens for today,” she said as she left the bed. “Mmmm…” she hummed as she began to eat at the fruits provided.

“Quite fresh are they not?” the older woman asked with her usual pleasant smile.

Nodding, Aracely continued to eat before one of the other servant girls entered the chambers to help her dress. “Please, the garment is not difficult to put on. I can do it myself, thank you,” she said dismissing Janet.

“Alright, milady. Should you require anything else, I’ll be down the hall, assisting with the refurbishment of the Royal Chambers.” Janet bowed slightly and left Aracely to her own.

She quickly made the breakfast disappear as she had been left quite hungered after John’s – attentions not long before. Dressing herself, she wondered how much longer that Miss Amelia would be with her requested guest, praying that it would be an unknown to the King.

Eventually, there was a knock on the door and Amelia’s face appeared from around the corner. “Milady?”

“Amelia? Come in, please,” Aracely said as she sat back down at the table. “Have you brought someone?”

Amelia smiled as she entered the chambers whilst pulling Hathora along. She was a tall woman with red hair and blue eyes, and dressed as if she was from nobility. “My Queen, this is Hathora.”

“Queen?” Hathora eyed Aracely. “He certainly knows how to pick ‘em.”

“Pardon me?” she asked sharply looking at the woman, unsure what to make of her.

“Where did he dig you up?” Hathora pulled Aracely to her feet and started to walk around her, as if Aracely was something like a livestock on the market.

Heaving a deep breath, she looked hard at Hathora. “King John did not dig me up from anywhere. I’ll have you know that while he asked me to become his wife, I was free to leave whenever I had wished…”

“Oh I don’t care.” the woman suddenly stood nose to nose with Aracely. “Tell me, what do you want from me?”

“I had asked for someone skilled in lovemaking so that I may please the King. Perhaps Amelia should have sought out someone who would not be so cold,” the Queen remarked with a glare. “I will find someone else…”

“Oh I’m not cold, my Queen, I’m merely figuring you out.” Hathora suddenly smiled warmly as she stepped back. “A lot can be told from someone upon a first meet, and I find it adorable that you are still a virgin… Has the King not tried anything with you yet?”

Aracely rolled her eyes back in her head with irritation. “Why must everyone feel the need to test me as if I am some horse to be sold?”

“My dear, have you not met your King yet?” Hathora mimiced Aracely’s movements. “He is a strong willed man, he knows what he wants, and he needs someone equally strong willed. I am glad he has found you, dear. If he had listened to all those members of the Royal Court he would have ended up with that godawful princess from Proculus.” She made a face. “She was someone who always said ‘yes’. John needs someone who can say ‘no’ right in his face.”

“I see,” she replied. Sighing, she took a seat in the chair, glancing at the bed with apprehension. “To answer your question, yes he has bedded me – but it was with a great deal of pain on my part. He had requested to have me to tell him to stop if I wished it so but I had been so far along in the pleasures he had given me and up to that point I found myself unable to deny him his own pleasure.”

“Rule number one of being a Queen; say ‘no’.” Hathora said easily. “Every woman is a Queen, and despite what some men may think, we have our own opinions and they should listen to us.” Hathora crossed her arms over her chest. “However, the first time a virgin hassex is always painful, no matter how careful the lover is. It will hurt for a couple more times, but not as bad as the initial penetration.”

“Lovely, something to look forward to,” Aracely mumbled before looking back up at the woman. “Please, continue.”

“Oh, you’ll eventually love it.” Hathora smiled wickedly. “I am sure that John made you feel great first, come to a climax before he penetrated you to show you that it’s not all that bad.” She nodded. “Rule number two; Do not worry about declining access to your body when a man is aroused. They have their own way to relief themselves easily.” She made a movement with her hands that suggested they’d touch themselves and jerk on their cock. “They’re the easiest creatures to please, men.” She mused.

The girl sat there staring up at her, unable to find any words. Her only ability that she could find was to blink in her surprise and discomfort, and – arousal?

“Men love to watch.” Hathora said and smiled as she slowly started to touch herself over her clothes, moving her hips sensually, slowly unbuttoning her dress. “Slowly… but not too slow as they might think you’re dancing… look your husband in his eyes while you do this.” Hathora continued with what she was doing, looking straight at Aracely.

Aracely watched how she moved, the subtle movements of her hips and where she had placed her hands. Taking a breath, as she tried to imagine herself doing that for John, her mouth parted so that she would take in more air to her lungs as the thought of his hungry eyes warmed her body. Swallowing harshly, she nodded with a small voice, “Okay…”

Hathora’s beautiful dress was only a cheap front when it revealed what was underneath it; barely nothing. Amelia gasped in her corner which caused Hathora to look behind her with a devious smile. “Sir Dex extremely loves it to watch and not touch.” She winked and looked back at Aracely, running her hands over her frame, quite similar to the way that John had touched Aracely. “Pleasing your husband, doesn’t mean you don’t have to feel good yourself, by touching yourself, caressing your own skin like this… you most certainly cause him to arouse himself.”

She could not help but to smile at Amelia who continued to blush. Clearly the attraction of the two was not only caught by the Queen. “I understand the visual aspects…I figured that out during a bath. What I fear is being … umm, I cannot think of how to say it…”

“Too forward?” Hathora smiled widely and sat down on Aracely’s lap, facing her. “Like this?”

“That is one way of putting it I suppose,” she replied as she looked up at her. “Would love making not be more comfortable in the bed though, rather than a chair?”

“Oh dear child, this is foreplay!” She grinned. “The fun in lovemaking comes in the foreplay because once your husband penetrates you, it will be the end, and what rule state that you can’t have a little fun out of bed? There are many positions you can try too.”

Thinking about it, Aracely raised her brow in consideration. “I suppose I do see the pleasure that this one would bring to a man…” she said referring to their current arrangement.

“He would not be able to keep his hands off you, my Queen.” Hathora smiled as she placed her hands on Aracely’s shoulders, only to move them downwards. “Men love to be touched as much as they love to touch your skin, do whatever pleases you, draw circles with your finger tips, try to get underneath his shirt, or open it…” she then started to unbutton Aracely’s dress.

Her own breathing began to deepen as she kept her eyes up on Hathora. Unsure of herself, she felt the need to reach out and run a hand over her hip to her waist. “Is this acceptable?” she asked, drawling said circles and random patterns lightly over Hathora’s exposed skin.

“Do not be afraid to touch.” Hathora said with a low voice in Aracely’s ear. “Do whatever pleases you.” She bucked her hips a little as she shifted on the chair, closer towards Aracely. “At this point, you will have all his attention.” She said, starting to make circular movements with her hips.

Aracely’s eyes drifted closed as she let herself feel the small movements, the whispered breaths. She could do that… Her hands moved more over the woman’s hips before spaying open wide, surprised at the muscle tone that was in such a person. Breathing out with her eyes still closed, her head fell lower before nearly resting under the chin of her instructor. “So many things to feel…”

“Aside from the touching, you kiss your husband passionately, and when you’re starting to become uncomfortable in his lap…” Hathora got off Aracely’s lap and gently dragged her out of her chair. “You get up and you start to strip him off his clothes.” She continued to get the dress off Aracely and when she was done, guided her towards the bed. She gently pushed her down on to the bed and sat on top of her, straddling her hips with her legs.

As much as she wished to not have partaken in the loss of her own clothes, she was too so very lost in the feelings of the moment. Oh what she wished she could do for her beloved! True as Hathora was likely doing, she must find comfort in her own body to be able to find it with John, she followed much like a small pup seeking more guidance. Her eyes traveled over her body, imagining how John would have seen her own self the first night. His eyes full of the hunger that she was beginning to feel in thinking of him.

Hathora hadn’t taken her eyes off Aracely. “Have you noticed that John likes to pay attention to your breasts?” She smirked as she placed her hands on Aracely’s stomach and slowly moved them upwards. “His nipples will create the same reaction your body has to his touch when he brushes them with a finger…” Hathora stroked Aracely’s breasts and teased one of her nipples. “Or when he puts his mouth over them.”

Aracely nodded, with a small smile, “Yes, he did quite often.” Yes! Oh and she loved it! Even now, her body reacted to the touches and she could not help but feel a sense of shame for being unable to control herself at another person’s attention from her husbands – another woman at that.

“Embrace the feelings that stir up in your own body, nothing is sexier than a woman who embraces the melting pot of feelings stirring up here…” she caressed Aracely’s stomach as she started to grind her hips over hers. “Sex is all about touching, about making yourself feel good as well as your husband. When you feel good, your husband feels good. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your own skin, feel how it burns, how it gets ignited by a simple touch…” Hathora’s voice had grown softer. She then moved herself down Aracely’s legs, out of Aracely’s reach. “If you’re not afraid of touching him, and touching his manhood, which likely would be fully erect by now, you could gently wrap your hand around it and slowly start moving the skin of his cock up and down.” Hathora made the movement with her hand. “If you keep on doing that, and you increase the speed and force, do be careful not to hurt him, he will spill his seed all over you. However, if you do want penetration, you should open yourself up so you’re ready for him. Feel no shame in touching yourself in front of him.” Hathora’s hands moved over her own underwear. “It will take you a while, and you might even want to ask John to take over.”

“I believe, he will simply do that out of his own inability to leave control to someone else,” Aracely noted, observing that trait for herself a few times already. “By this point I believe I may very well enjoy his – hunger.”

Hathora grinned and looked at Amelia. “Can you hand me one of the housecoats, or are you too embarrassed to come over?”

“N-no.” Amelia stammered and quickly handed her a housecoat before returning to her corner.

Hathora then took the ribbon that was hanging loose in the loops and discarded the housecoat. “John is very patient, but as you said, at this point he will have lost the ability to control himself, or at least the willingness to allow you to finish what you started.” She then gently took Aracely’s hands and looped the ribbon around her wrists before securing them over her head on the headboard. “Fixed.” She smiled devilishly.

Aracely tugged on her wrists, finding that while she was secure, she still had the ability to free herself. “Oh…” she murmured, unsure of how much she would enjoy this game.

“Even the illusion of being tied up does a lot to one’s mind, doesn’t it?” Hathora grinned as she saw the look on Aracely’s face. “This will give you the upper hand should you want to finish what you started, he will have no choice but to look at you while you start to help yourself close to the edge, opening yourself up with your fingers… his cock would probably be dripping some, and you can use that to slick it up before you’ll lower yourself onto him when you’re ready.”

“You mean, he would be below me?” she asked, picturing it in the position they were in. The idea was enough to fill her face with blood as her skin flushed. “I um, I am unsure if there is anything I can say to that…” Other than when is my husband finished with his day? she thought.

“Yes, he would be below you.” Hathora smiled. “This way, you are in control, controlling how fast his cock enters your body…” she shifted back up to Aracely’s hips and started to grind her again. “And how fast you want him to penetrate you. He will also have you to look at, and I already said it, men love to watch.”

Aracely nodded. “I think that um, you have been extremely helpful today,” she swallowed. “Um, would I be able to call on you should I wish to seek more advice?”

Hathora got off Aracely in one swift move and went to fetch her dress. “Of course.” She said as she buttoned herself up and then moved back to Aracely to release her from her bonds. “You still have a lot to learn, and I actually had fun.”

“I admit as did I. Please, let me give you some payment for your time and discretion,” she said as she pulled her housecoat around herself.

“It’s already taken care of, my Queen.” she smiled. “Have a good day.” She pulled Amelia from her chair.

Aracely nodded and watched the two leave. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she let out a deep breath hoping that she would gain such courage to perform as such for John as much as she greatly wished to.


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