I NEED YOUR HELP for a new project :)

There’s a big bang starting soon over at livejournal and my plan is to participate, but I am in need of ideas. The thing is… I’m still working on Exploit so I can’t really use one of my shelved ‘use for later’ ideas in case the story gets waaayyyyy out of hand.

So I was thinking to write a tag to one of my stories. I need to write 20.000 words for this big bang in three months, so a tag is great!

YOU can help me decide what story to write a tag for.

You can choose between:

Underground Railroad – Isaac/Bella story, they’re taking care of Kol. Run a B&B to help Supernaturals who are in trouble with Peter and Jasper, underground tunnels etc. Ended the story with Derek announcing he was going to be a dad.

The tag would be something along the lines of; the hunters still being around, the female Michaelsons setting up a safe haven for humans in Mystic Falls, expanding the B&B to be able to help more supernaturals, maybe find Kol a girlfriend, more bromance, more cooking.

Missed Connections – I could write an AU ending to this story, this was my first Isaac/Bella story written before the series finale of Teen Wolf. How would Alpha Bella deal with the hunters with 3 young children? The only worry that I have for the tag is that it’ll turn into an AU of Underground Railroad, just a little…

SanctuaireI know I wrote Pandore for it. But witch!Kol and Bella would be so much fun to write for… I think Bella was a really souped up witch there so maybe something that will make her less scary and powerful as a tag.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Also if you think I should write a tag for a different story or have an idea for a short story, let me know!

xx Buggy


  1. Sanctuaire – Its one of my favorites you’ve written.

  2. I don’t understand what “tag” means. Unless it’s an extension? Another chapter-like thing?

    Missed Connections sounds good. Nothing meaner than a momma protecting her babies.

    And then I ‘d read it over again!

  3. Underground Railroad.

  4. I might do both 🙂 partial to Underground Railroad myself 🙂

  5. Underground Railroad. Really liked that one.

  6. Three votes! Now the pressure is building… OMG LOL.

  7. Sanctuaire for sure I loved that story

  8. Yeah, you’re no help LOL. That’s two votes for Sanctuaire now. I guess I’ll have to start digging up the notes I had for it and re-read it and start planning haha. <3

  9. I read all 3 of those stories and they were wonderful. (I know…not much help) LOL. I guess I would pick Sanctuaire, because Kol is my absolute fave. But I would read anything you write. Hugs……

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