2019 story recap!

Every year I’m doing a ‘year in recap’ thing for the stories I published that year. Everything prior to 2014 is located elsewhere, because it was time for a fresh start!

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Stories I wrote in 2019:

Relativity (wordpress | ffnet)  Twilight/The Originals/The Vampire Diaries | Bella/Kol | M

Some say that if the path you’re on is clear, that you’re likely on someone else’s. After having had a bad experience with her ex-boyfriend and his family, can this new family in town help Bella recover and get her revenge? What will she find out about herself and others? Where will Bella’s path lead her?

Exploit (wordpress | ffnet) Twilight/White Collar | Bella/Neal | M

Paris was feeling a bit stale, who knew that one person could change your life so dramatically that even you wanted to change your ways? But how was he to know that Bella Cullen would change his life this drastically? ALL HUMAN set after White Collar series finale.

We Could Have Had it All (wordpress) Teen Wolf | Isaac | M

Isaac in Paris after Allison’s death.

Double Trouble (wordpress) Teen Wolf/The Originals | Isaac, Kol/Davina | M

Just imagine what it’d be like if you had a doppelganger who was just as crazy as you were?

Total Word Count: 200.485  words. That’s 120.000 words less than last year. And that’s alright. I was really busy with radio stuff (sometimes up to 15 hours a day!!!) and I lost a bit of my writing mojo. It’s still a lot of words!

Did Meeko and I finish Between Heaven and Hell? YES! We started this story on March 17, 2017 and started to publish it 10 days later. What a journey, thank you all for being so patient with this story! The whole story is 233,201 words! Woahhhhhh, that’s massive haha!

How has my writing changed from last year to this year, according to me: I did a lot of experimenting. I had fun writing Relativity, Bella/Kol and Kai are just amazing together and I might actually write another one, without all the time travel stuff.

My favourite story this year: Uhh… I’d have to say Double Trouble. Just because Relativity and Exploit were experiments and I had some issues with the stories.

My best story this year: Oh. Uh. Didn’t do a lot this year… so uhm… I dunno. According to ffnet’s stats it’s Relativity, but that’s easy. It’s Bella/Kol. People tend to read crossovers like that as the fandoms are pretty much still alive.

But I really liked writing Exploit. Planning things out. Poking holes. So I must go for Exploit.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, according to me. Exploit. Because I wrote it as a crossover with White Collar and there aren’t many of those around.

Most Fun story: Double Trouble. Because two Daniel Sharmans is heaven, right?

Most Sexy story: Uhm… I dunno. You know, maybe I should just scrap the sexy story questions because… you know… I never have a clue!

Story with a single sexiest moment: I think it must be Exploit with Neal invading Bella’s personal space.

The hardest story to write: Hmm let me check. Both Relativity and Exploit took 6 months to write. So it’s a toss up, but I was struggling more with Relativity and Exploit took off once I was free from the radio station.

The easiest story to write: Double Trouble

Most “Holy crap, that’s wrong, even for you” story: If you’re still shocked by what I write and such… I’m sorry? This year, the stories were quite tame!

How many fic ideas am I nurturing right now? None, actually, and it scares me shitless. I have absolutely no idea what I will do next for a big project, and I might just end up writing several shorter stories this year. I write to keep my anxiety down, to keep myself busy. So yeah… any ideas are welcome! Wait, there’s one idea. But it’s better suited to be a shorter story, and it’s from a prompt by SparklingFae. So… yeah, that will happen.

My writing resolution for 2020: Stop using Myriam. Stop using her as a crutch.

Coming in 2020:

  • Courage, a Bella/Kol story. Short, but sweet. I think you’ll like it!
  • Crise, an alternative ending to Sanctuaire (as promised!) – website only
  • A small continuation of Deviance – website only. I worked on this off and on between projects, just for funsies.
  • A Bella/Kol that I’m currently working on.

Happy new year, everyone!!

xxx Buggy


  1. Oh. Duh to me!

    Happy New Year!

  2. So where’s Courage?

    Or have you not started posting it yet?

  3. You’re such a busy girl! I haven’t written shit. Proud of you!

  4. It’ll be a Kol overload haha

  5. They all sound wonderful. I can’t wait to read more sexy Kol. 😉

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