I make no apologies

I am so sorry. We went from ‘monthly updates’ to … more…

But I have a good excuse? I’ve been really busy expanding my social life and been traveling a lot (and getting tired a lot because of it) and I’ve had Children’s Week. Two weeks. Week one all prep and week two dealing with 125 kids from the ages 6 to 12. Yep. It was ‘fun’.

I’ve also been distracted with playing PC games and streaming them on twitch. Did a drunk stream for reaching 200 followers. Never again. NEVERRRRRRR. I… am… a freaking lightweight and an emotional drunk LOL.

Since the last update, I’ve updated Divine Happenstance a few times, we’re now up to Chapter 35. Yeah, I know. It’s no longer weekly but that’s because I’ve come to a point where I’m near the end, writing something stupidly out of my comfort zone and I need to think of a proper ending. I’m only sitting on a handful of more chapters before I have to stop procrastinating with Between Heaven And Hell.

Speaking of which, today I’ve uploaded chapter 17 of it. Gentle reminder: This story is co-authored with Meeko. We write a lot of stuff together and often help each other out with our stories and we like to collaborate a lot – mainly also to get our juices going for our solo stories. We are known to have Skype sessions for longer than 12 hours.

Contrary to popular belief, Meeko and I are not the same person. She’s 5’2″ and I’m 5’6″. She’s American, I’m Dutch. Meeko’s lucky I’m not calling her my little garden gnome like my mom calls her tiny best friend 🙂 Instead, she’s my little Trashpanda.

BetterInTexas has an awesome Halloween challenge going on. Meeko and I are eager to participate but we need to finish at least one of our stories first or make it a tag to Between Heaven And Hell. Yes. It’s THAT interesting.

Did you know, that even if you have a writer’s block, you need to write at least something every day to keep going? To not rust and wallow in your block? Even if it’s 100 unrelated words and it’s crap, at least you’re doing something 🙂

Right. Time to go to bed in preparation of some 3 hour train travel tomorrow. With fully charged laptop. Will try to write if the train isn’t too busy (first part should be fine as I live in the middle of nowhere LOL). Who knows? I might go live a little from the train while we zoom through the country on my facebook! Or… maybe… I make a classy pic to shove it onto instagram!   (I should really post more often… Also; I don’t follow everyone back because I like a quiet timeline <3)

Until next time, Buggy.

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