Monthly updates? SUUUURE.

Whoops, sorry. I guess the month just sailed away from me. But that’s because I was so busy it was insane. Can I please go back to normal and like… write a lot?

Oh, right, I did post something in the last month; someone was spreading (likely still is) PDFs around from stories without the author’s approval. I wrote this about it. Now, look, just ask, okay? Don’t just make the PDFs because YOU CAN. My stories aren’t in any danger of disappearing off the internet. This website is going to be around for at least 5 more years and I rarely delete stories from ffnet. Yes, I deleted my old stuff but that’s because they were TERRIBLE and ugh, cringe-worthy and nobody read them. My stories are getting views, they’re staying up.

(I’m only watching Fear The Walking Dead because of this glorious specimen, guys. Yowsa. Look at him.)

There are now 27 chapters up of Divine Happenstance. Yes, I have more chapters to post, which I will, but I’m taking it a little bit slow. Why? Because I created chapter 37 and haven’t done anything with it since I created it on May 21st. Yeah, a bit of a block, mainly because I think I’m about to wrap things up on the story and I want it done proper. (Might have to put a break on posting chapters of Between Heaven And Hell too, seeing as Meeko’s still busy and I’m doing other things and oh shit, just posted chapter 11 and things are getting goooooood)

I’m also not working on it because BetterInTexas has an awesome writing prompt for June, which I’m working on now and I hope you guys like it when it’s finished. The prompt? “I’m not sick, I’m twisted. Sick makes it sound like there’s a cure.” I’m writing a Kol/Bella and I’m currently 5500 words in. Not done yet. Meeko seems to enjoy the story so far 😉

The working title is “I am Borg” but I’ll change that. I’ve been on a Star Trek Voyager rewatch 😉

What’s that? You want a teaser? Hmmm… OKAY!

Narrowing his eyes on the vampire, he saw that he was a regular vampire. Okay, the girl allowed herself to be used as a blood bag, no big deal. Perhaps that’s all she was; a vampire groupie. He had encountered a lot of them on his travels. She was likely not in any danger at all and his trip had been for naught.

However, it didn’t hurt to interrogate that vampire later after he’d leave. Perhaps he could learn some valuable information off of him before killing him when the information was too disgusting. Maybe have the vampire kill himself and watch him do it. Oh, the entertainment for that evening was sorted!

Kol tried watching the girl from the trees as she moved around the house like some sort of drone. Who was she trying to fool? She didn’t look alright, did she? As she went into a room where he couldn’t see her, she was being followed by one of the Cold Ones coming for her at high speed, and she didn’t come out for quite some time so he watched the regular vampire’s interaction with the remaining Cold Ones.

Come to think of it, he looked familiar. Yeah, wasn’t he part of Myriam’s security team? Dialing his brother’s girlfriend, he retreated a little in the woods to make sure his voice wouldn’t be picked up from inside the house.

“Hey, any news?”

“Are you missing someone at work tonight?” The silence on the other end of the line spoke volumes. “Do you make a habit out of hiring folk who like to hang out with Cold Ones?”

“I’m sure he has his reasons, perhaps he’s related to one of the Cold Ones there.”

Kol huffed. “Nevertheless, look for someone new, this one’s not returning to New Orleans,” he said before he disconnected his phone and moved back to his perch. It wasn’t like Myriam to have a lapse in judgement, nor for her seers to make a mistake. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions but maybe the guy got scared after the Cold One visit at the brothel the other day and decided to tell on them in exchange for money. Or maybe he wanted to save the girl himself.

Even if that was the case, Kol was still going to rip out his heart. That girl was obviously in trouble.


Speaking of temporary side steps from the main project; Meeko was barbequeing at home and she wanted a fic with beer can chicken butt. So I wrote her a Bella/Peter Whitlock. Click on the banner to go there. Yes. There might be room for more on that. Sort of like The Woodnymph. Just a series of the same people, same universe, without the massive chapter count.

So what’s been keeping me from writing?

A lot of things. Such as renovation being done on my building and causing a lot of noise for two weeks. The first week was alright as they were on the other side, but the second week they started on the wall that’s also my side of the building and I stayed at my dad’s for 3 days. I did bring my computer, but I had much more fun enjoying the sun and playing with my camera. Taking pictures. Cycling around town and enjoying myself.

My best friend came to my dad’s too, for a day, and we went clothes shopping. I need new shit. Like woah.

Uhhh… then I had someone come over for dinner – which was quite interesting and eye opening to me. The week after that, I was supposed to go to this person’s house, but my mind was just racing and my body was not doing well, so I cancelled on this person only to go to my friend’s the next day. Was supposed to travel by train for most of the journey (as it saves us both in money and time) but she ended up picking me up instead. Spend a couple of days there, and this dinner someone came over too so we played board games. SO MANY BOARDGAMES. But it was fun.

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy V2 at the movies.

Got violently ill (I’ll spare you the details)

Went home on Wednesday, part by car, part by train. Was alright-ish.

And now I’m here. I’m tired – my own fault. I went to bed at 3 am and 4 am the last few days because I was having fun online with dinner someone.

I think I need a few days of good sleep and relaxation before I can calm my mind again to continue to write words, but as I look back on what I wrote for this post, I think I’ll be okay rather sooner than later!

If there’s anything you’d like me to write about for a blog post, don’t hesitate to ask! I’ve done several ‘helps’ in the past.

Until next time,




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