Coming soon… (tease)

by Buggy

We all know about the hottest, trendiest bar in New Orleans, right? That’s right! Forget about Rousseau’s and all flock to Débauche!

Débauche started in 1960 as a small bar. Transformed in the 1970’s into a disco until the late 80’s when it changed hands and turned into the wonderful being we all now know as ‘the place to be’. The bar had its struggles for a while, but thanks to a generous anonymous donor, it stayed open and is now flourishing.

Not only does Débauche has the best atmosphere in their gorgeous renovated bar that fits the New Orleans spirit so well, they also have the best strip club. Okay, maybe not, but as a woman, I felt more safe there than in others.

The bar is well isolated when it comes to noise pollution from the strip club which makes it a great place to hang out, have meetings, during the day when it’s quiet. In the evening, it makes it that you don’t have to yell at each other to talk.

Débauche recently hired a bar manager from Europe. France, to be exact and his mixed drinks are heavenly. They’re delicious and makes you beg for more. Ferdi makes the best cocktails. He has a special ingredient that he puts in nearly every one of them and no matter how many drinks I consumed and begged him to spill his secrets, he wouldn’t let up.

The strip club can be reached through the hallway when you pay a modest amount of money to get in. But even so, it’s money well spent. It’s clean and everything is just right. For years, ‘The A-Squad’ have been the main attraction and the girls like to switch things up every now and then. Their latest routine is not only incredibly hot and sexy, it’s also funny as hell. Their new show is called ‘Appearances are deceiving’ and they sure are!

The club and bar’s owner, Myriam Jenkins, is ageless. No, seriously, she doesn’t seem to age and she didn’t want to give away her secret, other than that she moisturized and has a healthy appetite.

There is a waiting list of at least two weeks for you to enter the strip club, but I can assure you, it is well worth the wait and well worth the money.

Go check it out!


Disclaimer: This is a teaser to minor characters a new fic that I’m currently working on but won’t post until either december or the new year.

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