Chapter 02

Ann taught Bella everything there was to know about the humans and the human realm, but also about Bella’s fairy abilities that may seemed normal to her, but were quite special when it came to dealing with the humans and other supernatural creatures.

Ann taught her how to be careful when flying, and how to turn into a fully clothed human and back to a fully clothed fairy.

Bella never told Ann from which kingdom she came from, but she believed that Ann already knew, for some reason or another.

Ann was Bella’s chaperone when in town as a human, it wasn’t deemed proper to be a young lady out and about on the streets by herself, but with a Male or older woman it was fine. It felt strange, because Bella was used to go wherever, whenever, she pleased. The humans and their customs were strange.

Bella preferred to sleep in one of the houses on Ann’s wall, there were comfortable blankets and a nice little bed that Bella absolutely adored, and one night, she woke up from a nightmare.

She fell out of bed and realised that something was off about the scary dream, as it hadn’t been hers and she still remembered it. Quite vividly too, she had dreamed about being stabbed by someone and how much it hurt. That there wasn’t any death, but the body was no longer moving.

She tried to shake off the feeling, but all she could hear now were silent screams. She felt intense betrayal and sadness, and Bella realised then, this was her awakening.

And whoever this person was, they needed her help. They needed her love and compassion.

She left a note for Ann, thanking her for everything, and that she had been awakened. Bella was sure to stop by to thank the woman even further, but for now, the note had to do. She felt as if there was some kind of urgency behind her awakening, and she needed to find this person as soon as she could.

Bella flew around as an owl all night, circling New Orleans until she felt that connection. She sat down on the roof of the building she felt strong emotions coming from and switched back to being a fairy as she was more able to move between cracks in the walls or under doors.

She had to be careful though, it seemed like wealthy people lived in the building, and they had a lot of iron on the balconies, but the rest was made out of wood. Wood was good. There were a lot of candles, on the tables, in the windows… in lamps… how did the building not catch fire, especially with all the drapes around?

She noticed the man of the house, another man, and a woman. A little boy, as well. And what seemed like a handful of servants, but Bella didn’t sense anything from them. No, the feeling was deeper. In the basement.

She smelled blood; someone did get stabbed.

But if someone got stabbed and was bleeding out, they were still in the house, why weren’t the two males and the woman tending to this person?

Bella found her way to the basement and was surprised to see that there were coffins there. Had she found herself at a mortuary? Ann told her that New Orleans was a settlement, a colony, and very much still trying to figure out what the city wanted to be, with people coming and going. And, of course, death was pretty much a big part of human life.

What Bella found unnerving, however, was that the big burst of emotions, fear and sadness and loneliness, came from one of the coffins. How could a dead person be alive?

She was going to regret this, she knew this, but she wedged open the coffin and stood on the edge while holding up the lid above her head as she looked into it. The young man lying in there was well dressed; his skin color all grey and his veins all puffy. He looked dead. But she could sense that he wasn’t.

Curiosity taking over, she hopped into the coffin, the lid closed on top of her and she sat down on the boy’s shoulder after narrowly avoiding the silver dagger in his chest.

This was stupid.

How can dead be not dead?

Sighing, she decided she was going to find out and entered the boy’s thoughts.

Bella found him cursing and crying at the same time, anger was just rolling off of him and his surroundings were not appealing; just a dark hole. A void. “Hello,” she said as she looked at him. “My name is Bella, what is yours?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Bella.”

“What are you doing in my head?”

Bella shrugged.

“Get out!”

She shrugged again. “Very well, but at least answer me this; why are you dead, but you’re clearly not?”

“I’m a vampire, darling, I’m dead, but I’m not.”

“But when a vampire dies, they’re dead, they shouldn’t be bouncing around in their own heads. In the dark. Screaming into the void.”

“I’m one of the first vampires, along with my siblings. We’re different,” he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Okay,” Bella nodded. “I’ll leave, but at least think of something more fun to be in your head in, all this darkness is depressing,” she replied.

“You must be insane for sneaking in like this. How did you get passed my brothers?”

“I flew in,” Bella shrugged. “You still want me to leave?”

The vampire took a step closer to her. “What are you?”

“Oh! I’m a fairy!” Bella smiled as she turned around and showed the vampire her wings. “See?” She flapped her wings before turning back around with a big smile on her face. “And you’re my… hmm… charge? Ward? Protectee?”

He huffed. “I don’t need protecting.”

“No, but it looks like you need saving from your own thoughts. Company.”

“If you’re supposed to help me; get that dagger out of my chest!”

“I can’t. It’s silver.”

“You’re useless.”

“If you say so,” Bella smiled at him. “Do you still want me to leave?”


“Okay. See you around,” she said before getting out of his head and made a little light, looking at her new accommodations. She was going to have to collect a few items to make it more comfortable for herself, and to stay warm. The vampire was cold, because he was dead. She needed blankets. Lots of them.

Bella managed to open the coffin enough for her to get out of it and started to explore the home. Surely, in a home as big as this, she would find things that she liked? As she zoomed through the house, she found a nice warm blanket in one of the bigger bedrooms, and a fluffy pillow. Turning human for just a moment, she grabbed both before shrinking it back along with herself and flew back to the coffin to throw it in there.

She went back for more blankets and pillows before starting to build her nest. She hung up some of the blankets on the side of the corner she’d picked near the vampire’s head, right between the pillow and the coffin, to make sure that it wouldn’t get drafty and eventually had a wonderful mountain of fluffy stuff. Perfect.

Bella wondered if it was time yet to go back inside the vampire’s head, to see what he was up to. He felt slightly calmer, but there was still a storm swirling around in his head. It would be nice to know his name, at least.

Deciding she had nothing to lose, she made herself comfortable on her little nest and went back into his head, and, much to her surprise, he had done something about his surroundings. It looked like a cement room with a lot of shelves with items on it, books, science things and herbal pouches. The vampire was putting a record on the record player. “This is better,” Bella smiled. “Isn’t this better? Sure it’s better!”

The vampire shrugged as he turned away from his record player and poured himself a drink. Bella had to remember to eat. Outside the vampire’s head. “This is what I dream of having one day, my own playhouse to do whatever I want, without the meddling of my siblings.”


“My two brothers and sister live in this house, and, you have seen the other coffin, that’s my other brother. Now, he deserves to be sleeping. Me? The only reason I am here is because I am not obeying my brothers and I messed with that pathetic child, whom my brothers seem to be seeing as family.”

“That brown child?” She didn’t believe the boy was out of place in that home, from what she could see from her flight was that most of the population in New Orleans had a different skin color. She liked different skin tones, it made the humans look less bland.

“Brown, white, whatever,” the vampire shrugged. “He’s some little stray that my brothers picked up a few years ago, and they treat him as family. And as if I’m not part of that family. Niklaus and Elijah think I’ll know my place next time they unbox me, but I’m going to fight just as hard to be a part of this family, and not just be my family’s attack dog.”

Bella tried to wrap her head around the words that the vampire had just spoke. “But family isn’t supposed to be mean to each other, not to this extent.”

“I know,” the vampire replied, shaking his head as he took a sip of his drink. “Especially for the amount of years we’ve been around! You’d think they know better! But they don’t!”

Bella sat down on one of the chairs and kept looking around. More details were added, she could see that. The vampire was truly having fun now. “You still haven’t told me your name.”

“It’s Kol, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Nice to meet you, Kol Mikaelson,” she smiled at him. “Would you mind if I’d keep you company for the duration of your imprisonment?” Because that’s what it was, wasn’t it? The dagger in his chest stopped him from being a vampire, and he was locked inside his own mind. A prison.

“If you’d like, I don’t mind the company,” Kol eventually said. “Would be a nice change for once.”

“Good, because I already made my little nest in your coffin to be with you.”

He looked at her and let out a snort.


“If you take that out of context, it would sound so wrong!”

“But it’s the truth though,” Bella smiled at him. “It’s just us in here. No need to mince your words. This is your head. You can just be.”

“And what are you doing here then?”

“To make things a bit better for you, I suppose,” Bella shrugged. “I’m not sure.”

“You’re not sure?”

She shook her head. “I left the fairy realm before I awakened, I didn’t really get the instructions on what to do when I did awaken.”

“Awaken? What’s that?”

“Oh, uh, discovering your purpose. What you’re supposed to do as a fairy. Some become house fairies, or their purpose is taking care of nature,” Bella explained. “I heard you scream in agony, dreamed about someone getting hurt with a dagger, when I awakened. And I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, so I’m deciding to keep you company. Nobody should be alone.”

“I can’t help you figure it out, either,” Kol sat down on the chair opposite of her with his glass. “But I’d love to learn more about you and your kind. Can you do magic?”

“I think so, but it’s fairy magic. I can make myself look different, human, or look like an animal. I can shrink things when I shrink back to my normal size. That’s how I built my nest. And I can enter your thoughts.”

“Which, by itself, is impressive. Not a lot of people have the power to do that.”

“Because you’re a vampire.”

“No, because I’m an Original vampire, I’m older than 99,9% of the vampires on this Earth. My family makes up the 00,1%. We can’t be killed like the normal vampires, either.”

She smiled at him. “Looks like we can teach each other a lot about each other.”

Kol nodded, getting all excited for a moment before sighing. “I have no idea when my brothers will release me, the last time it took over a hundred years. I doubt you’ll stay around for that long.”

“I only age when I’m in the fairy realm,” Bella replied. “Time doesn’t matter to me. I am sure we can keep ourselves busy for that long. After all, we’re not in the real world, we can do whatever we want.”

“Sounds like a plan, darling,” Kol smiled widely. “I’ll go first!”

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