Oh boy

First of all; I am SORRY if you had trouble accessing the website over the last month or so. I tried out a new security measure and while it looked GREAT and seemed to work perfectly, some of you had trouble accessing the website and so… the security measure is now gone.

Secondly; you haven’t lost me.

I’ve been telling stories differently; just look at a few highlights from the past… 5 weeks:

My character is an EMS and psychiatrist.

How did you get here?

The Birds And The Bees

Bustin windows


No scraping needed

Shrink and two swedes – dance party

Truck got stolen

Wrecked or erect?

What does this pretty button do?

Lizzie’s name spelled wrong


Lizzie is also dating a cop, and they’re cute.

second date?

Dating or what? 

Important question

Look at that ass

It’s official!

Next date, when?

Dumbass 1 and 2

Scott’s dying again, wanna beat him up?

Mercer beating Scott’s ass again

I know you’re hot but…

I’m yours/you’re mine.

Someone has a crush – she’d better!

Whatever suits him

Hostage by future wife

What did you do?!

There are several RP story lines going on; the two biggest being Lizzie dating a cop and Lizzie working with police as one of her clients is a sociopath and a killer who just wants a friend. It’s creepy af. But a lot of fun.

But, you’re not here for my adventures in game, you’re here for the stories! Admittedly, I haven’t written ANYTHING for the past two months. I’ve been playing and streaming this game over at my twitch channel , but you know as well as I do that I do sit on a few things so I guess no harm done, although I did up and left in the middle of one story whilst writing it. Ah well.

That being said, I uploaded chapter 3/4 of Courage yesterday!

WHAT IS SHE?! What is she indeed 🙂 Guess you’ll have to find out in chapter 4…




  1. Oh, good! I left the reply and it told me it was a repeat reply? Whatever. 😀

  2. actually, you did, but under an email that hadn’t been whitelisted yet LOL

  3. And now I can’t seem to leave a reply or comment. *sigh*

    Glad we haven’t lost you.

  4. We’re all healthy here, haven’t left my house in a bit but that’s okay, we have food 🙂 Will make a trip to the store later this week.

  5. Glad we haven’t lost you. Scary times, these days. Good to hear you’re doing okay and keeping yourself busy.

    Meanwhile, my husband’s mad because I got up. 😀 Such is married life.

    Good to hear from you.

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