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Remember Sanctuaire? It was my first Twilight/The Originals crossover back in 2015 (I started to write it in 2014) and basically my first contact with most of you! Where does the time go, am I right?

You all loved Sanctuaire so much and then I fucked things up with a strangely written sequel called Pandore. While some loved it, the way I wrote it was stupid but I wanted to challenge myself.

Well… I hope you can forgive me for Pandore, I have an alternative ending for you. Yes, with room to expand if I wanted to but I don’t think I’ll be revisiting Sanctuaire AGAIN.

The 8000 words offering website-only and is called Crise, and if you click on the banner below, it’ll take you to the cover page of Sanctuaire where you can find it, in case you need to re-read Sanctuaire 🙂

I just had to read back to see if I told you about the Bella/Kol I’m currently writing, and I haven’t! Only a handful of people know what I’m doing and oh my god, this is hilarious.

What can I tell you about this? Not much. Let’s keep things as vague as possible!

I can tell you that it’s another fairy story (Courage is one too, which gets posted likely in uhh March). Likely more indepth than Courage will ever be.

I can tell you that I’m trying something I haven’t tried before with a character, when I told Meeko about this, all she could say was ‘OMG’.

I am currently on chapter 7, and there are 15.000 words already written.

Launch month will likely be April as I have plenty to post between now and then.

The title is Kingdom.

Challenge #8

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve actually read fanfiction without being a beta or a cheerleader.

But I first want to promote my wifey. My partner in crime. Meeko. meekobb on ffnet and Meeko Tales on her website. She’s an amazing writer who’s taught me a lot and helped pull me out of my writing slump that I was in in 2014. She hasn’t written anything new in a while, but I am priviledged to know that she is working on something, just slowly. Her personal alone time is minimal and she hasn’t had the best of luck lately in her personal life, but go forth and read all of her stuff. Give her all the love! If I had to pimp one of Meeko’s solo stories (we collaborate too), it’d have to be Taigai Ridatsu. It’s a Twilight/Teen Wolf story, Bella/Derek, and it’s just amazing. I betaed and cheered for her, and we set it up so that there’s a possibility of a sequel.

nakeisha may be the originator of the Gibbs/Ducky pairing in the NCIS fandom. Don’t pin me down on it, but as far as I’m aware, she was the first to write them. She’s been my friend on livejournal for about 15 years and this one time where I got somewhat stuck in the UK, she helped me out. She runs ncis_gibbsducky Nikki wrote a lot of great stories, but I had this one in my favourites folder: By Dint Of Friendship where Ducky is upset with one of Gibbs’ team members after one of the episodes. Not slashy, but heavily on friendship.

saoirse_konstantin is a friend of mine who’s a major Veronica Mars fan and an amazing writer who just stared to post her EPIC story. She told me she has at least 100 chapters to post and more to write. Yes, the story is a WIP, but she’ll be updating every Wednesday. The story is HET; Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars and just one big epic lovefest. Saoirse loves Veronica Mars to death and she was unhappy with how the revival ended so she had to go back into her story and fix things. She told me that some of the things happening in the story are a direct result of the revival. So for all of you Veronica Mars fans, I rec to you: All the Love in My Heart: The Winds and Rains and the Scorching Sun by Saoirse Konstantin #logandeservedbetter

Geezerwench is hilarious. I think that her story She Wasn’t on the Menu at Waffle House had everyone peeing their pants from laughter. It’s Twilight, and it’s Bella/Peter/Jasper. A PBJ, if you will. Never say that the Twilight fandom is a dull place when you have PBJ as a pairing!

Challenge #9

In your own space, promote at least one canon that you adore (old, new, forever fandom).

I’m a fanfic writer. Canon sucks.

NCIS’ canon, for example, is consistent in being inconsistent. You’d think that big shows like that have a bible of some sorts to keep the dates/times correct or other tiny details about the character’s lives and such.

The Originals turned Kol Mikaelson into a love sick puppy, he fell in love with a needy witch, who was dangerously close to being a Mary Sue/self-insertion.

Stargate SG-1 had season 6 – I’d like to have that season erased from existence and go from season 5 to 7.

Airwolf had a season 4 – but to me, it only had 3 seasons because they fucked things up majorly and canon-ly in season 4.

I’m not a big fan of canon. Let me just have my characters to play with and I’ll stay in my corner.

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Until the next time!

ps: Are you enjoying these frequent blogs? Let me know if you don’t, because you know… I don’t want to annoy you <3


  1. I enjoy your blogs, even if I don’t comment. But had to comment this time to thank you for recommendation!

    happyghost and I collaborated on Waffle House. ♥

    Then there’s folks who have read Peaches over and over again because they think it’s funny.

  2. Haha so I guess I’ll be finding things to blog about after January lol!

  3. I like to read your Snowflake blog question/answers and anything else you write. 🙂

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