More snowflake challenges and a little question :)

Soooo I was supposed to upload the small little tag to Sanctuaire and realized I wasn’t all too happy with the ending. Anyone want to help me out and read it first before I post it? Tell me what you think? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on facebook!

I’m going to pick up my driver’s licence tomorrow! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Now, onto two uncomfortable snowflake challenge entries.

Challenge #6

In your own space, make a list — anything between one and ten things is a sweet spot, but don’t feel constrained by that! – of things that you wish existed in fandom or elsewhere, or that you’d like someone to make for you. Are you dying for podfic of your writing? Do you need icons for a character that doesn’t get much fanart? Is there a story you want to read? Are you looking for new canons to get into? Would you like a collaborator for a project? Maybe you want more people to talk about a certain fandom with, or you’d love to trade ficlets with somebody over email. Maybe you’re new to a fandom and would like some recs to start reading, or communities to join. This is the time to ask!

Hmm… I am not sure what to say about this. I’ve seen some reactions to this challenge and… eh?

If I want a banner for my stories (most of my stories, especially the bigger ones have a banner) I either make them myself, or ask a friend to make one for me. They may not be perfect when I make them myself, but there’s something about doing it yourself.

My main collaborator is my wifey Meeko, our writing styles match, she’s taught me a lot about writing and I can’t imagine writing with someone else. You can check all of our collabs on our page.

If I wanted a podfic of my stories, I’d likely record one myself. I’m a radio presenter with a great audio set up (including noise gates, radio broadcasting software, a great mic and processing to make the voice sound brilliant – You can listen to my past shows here). But podfics are a waste of space because you’d need to be able to store them, too! And as someone who doesn’t listen to audiobooks, I think podfics are a bit useless (side note: I can see them being useful, my father is blind and is on his 2nd blind wife. They listen to audio books because they can’t read anymore, obviously) and my stories aren’t for everyone to begin with.

I dunno, maybe I’m picky, but I certainly don’t want to bother someone for their time when I can do it myself.

However, what I do want for everyone in a fandom is that you continue to be treated with mutual respect. You are loved, you are valid and your words are your own. I wish that there wasn’t such a danger of plagiarism (I’m really picky where I put up my stuff and I know it’s easy to plagiarise from ffnet due to a hole in their security but it gives my stories eyeballs!). I wish that the words will continue to flow for you as a writer, and that reviews brighten your day. Should you get a negative review, laugh it off. Only listen to constructive criticism, listen to your friends. Your heart. Don’t let the bullies get you down! And most of all, remember that you write for YOU. Not others. If you don’t like what you’re writing, then it will show in your words. If others don’t like it, then that’s on them, as long as YOU love what you do.

Challenge #7

Promote/Rec/Sing the Praises* of Yourself! Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh man. This is hard!

You know what? Let others do that for me. Here’s some of the reviews I’ve gotten over the years for my stories:

Damn, you! I’m crying!

wow…you know that strange kinda painful tug your chest gets? yeah, i felt that just then.

I want to hit something.

I’ve always believed in your writing — it’s uniformly good.

Why did you do that?!

I laughed my ass off let me tell you that LOL

One of the best stories I’ve ever read! Damn! It had dang near everything!

ok that was one of the sweetest, sex no love scenes I have ever read on fan fiction, well done, it had all the keys, sultry, love and even humour now I have caught up with all your chapters and I can’t wait to read more, I can’t wait to see how you deal with the fuckward problem god I hate him keep up the good work.

You are a amazing. This was an awesome ride. I loved the unique Bell.a oh handled it perfect.

Ik heb haast een half uur in een deuk gelegen over bella en kols penis voordat ik verder kon lezen
Ik vind je een echt toffe schrijfster (translation: I was in stitches for nearly half an hour because of Bella and Kol’s penis before I could continue reading. I really think you’re an awesome writer)

Your Twilight fics are the best! I’m loving everything that I read, keep up the great writing plz?!

I loved this story! I got a little pissed at times, but I always appreciate how you round out your stories so well!

I can’t wait to see the beautiful carnage!

What is happening?!

Thank you for all your wonderful stories, really I’m obsessssed!

Fuck! Are you serious? I mean I knew it couldn’t just go back to being perfect, but really?

Wow. I’m really surprised you let Jasper live.

Having fun; playing with her new man parts might be the funniest thing I’ve read on fanfiction. Well done!

Nooo you can’t end this story. I love it too much.

*chortling happily*

Well, that went well.

I’m always pleasantly surprised with what you decide to do with Jasper.

Wow. Vulgar, mind blowing, great plot. XD

This story is one of the best on this crossover.

This was so funny! Keep up the great work!

I esp loved her playing with Nik’s dick. Helicopter? I snorted Pepsi out of my nose onto my computer. LOL Now I have to clean it. 🙁 But I’m still laughing.

I love the creativity behind this whole universe, it’s so detailed and thought out, it’s so captivating! Love it! Amazing job and I love your writing!

I absolutely loved your story. It has the perfect balance of violence, love, and craziness. I’ll be keeping tabs on your other stories. Happy writing and good luck to you and your muses.

What the actual fuck?

I just love stories like this one that keep me guessing and give me a puzzle to figure out. They keep me hooked.and anxiously awaiting the next chapter or episode. I have, and have had, complete faith that you’ll explain it all in due time.

That made me giggle so hard

I hate you. In a good way. I hate you.

You know I hate it when you end the chapter on one of your cliffhangers. More.Now.

My only comment is Buggy is weird.

Hi! I’m Buggy and I write stories. Readers can always trust in that I finish my started stories in the same year I started them.

I am not the best writer out there. There are stories with more description, better characterization but hey, you know what? I do my best and I love what I do. I like twisting my characters into all kinds of bends and turns and take them apart and then carefully rebuild them. Or not so carefully *grin*

I don’t really shy away from controversial topics, and I usually sprinkle around some Autism in my stories too, seeing as I am Autistic and we need more positive representation. The most obvious story that I sprinkled that shit around in is Intermission that I wrote for a charity raising event for people with Mental Health issues.

I mainly write crossovers, I use Twilight’s Bella Swan as a fandom bicycle and the Cullens are usually the bad guy. I like to pair Bella with the likes of The Vampire Diaries’ Kol or Klaus (preferably Kol) or Teen Wolf’s Isaac Lahey.

I like to occasionally dip back into old fandoms that I wrote in, which is why I wrote a Twilight/White Collar crossover last year, and this year I’m going to dive into some more oldies but goodies that I’ve missed 🙂

I’m never too lazy to help people, especially when it comes in terms of writing or radio making. I’ve been actively involved in a radio community for about a year and a half and only quit there a few months ago for my own sanity. I’ve been called fair, kind, loving, passionate and no-nonsense and I kind of like those terms to describe myself!

So, please, check out my shit, and see if all those comments above resonate with you.

wordpress website site

twitch (streaming of games and/or radio shows on an irregular basis)


  1. I love you too 🙂 It was fun going back over old reviews, and not all of them are from my Twilight crossovers either but from many years ago. I guess nothing much has changed haha!

  2. Someone already read it and gave their approval of the ending, so it’ll be posted soon!

  3. Me please

  4. All of those reviews describe your writing and you to a T. Love you girl!! ❤

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