No, no no!

I just wrote “The End” underneath Exploit! Yaaaay! The complete story will be a bit over 70.000 words in total. So happy 🙂

So now it’s time to re-read Sanctuaire and look at my old notes  write new notes. I didn’t take great notes for this story. But then again, it was the first story I wrote for Twilight/The Originals so yeah… 5 years is a long time.

You hear that, brain? A little, fun story.

Then stop plotting so much.

I’m actually making more notes about what I want to see in this Sanctuaire AU sequel-thing than I did for Sanctuaire and its sequel Pandore. Like, putting a reminder there that there was no Myriam in that story (I may end up stopping to write her so this will be a good practise run) and that Davina is actually a good guy and besties with Kol and Bella.

If you’ve read Sanctuaire (and Pandore, but this is mainly about Sanctuaire), what would you want to see? Or maybe change? No, I will not throw the entire story of Sanctuaire into an AU. I mean… that would be cheating… wouldn’t it? I mean…

I mean…

Oh no.




Not gonna happen.



  1. LOL Yeah, that’s what I’m currently trying to figure out. Seeing as I originally planned an AU ending to Sanctuaire and all. In Sanctuaire, Kol said he likes being a witch too much and never ever wants to be a vampire again, so I see no other choice than having to force his hand…

  2. I’m just soooo excited about everything. picturing Nate in the story instead…. hums in dreamland…… LOL Thanks and looking forward to everything.

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