Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I’m LAAAATE in wishing you a happy New Year. May 2018 be the year you wish it to be!

I’ve started to post Intertwined! Four chapters are up, and the plan is to update the story EVERY WEDNESDAY! Oh, oh, and guess what? The story is FINISHED. Yep, you can start reading it and know that the story is complete 🙂

Click on the banner to take you to the story page.

In other news, I’ve FINALLY started to write my Twilight/Teen Wolf story, it’s an Isaac/Bella that I’ve been promising you for a while now. I’ve spent the last three hours fudging with the banner, making sure it looks right and all, and I’m pretty chuffed with it 🙂 More about that once I get more chapters written.

What I can tell you about the story is that the Cullens aren’t necessarily evil. They’re not necessarily the bad guy in this story, it’s just their nature and abilities that fudge things up for Bella. Timeline wise, it plays 4 years after the Teen Wolf finale in 2020 – trust me, it’ll work 🙂

If you’re following me on facebook, you can tell that I’ve been doing my research. AKA re-watching season 2 and 3 of Teen Wolf. And I’ve done that now. All that’s left is watching season 6. I don’t mind 🙂 Been having quite some fun!

Oh, alright then. A small teaser!

“Yeah, and look how well that turned out,” Bella huffed, before realizing something. “Do you think that Edward and I will last?”

“Every father wants his daughter’s marriage to last, Bella, but marriage is hard work. And unfortunately, I dropped the ball far too often in the time that I was married to your mother.”

“Well, on top of that, she’s really not wife material,” Bella added, never having been bitter about her parents’ divorce. She got to live with Charlie, which was fantastic, although she had wished her father had been a sheriff in a town a bit further south, where it was warm instead of cold all year round.

When she was younger, Bella often went to her mother’s for a week or two for a vacation once or twice a year. Sometimes her mother made the trip to Forks, but like Bella, she preferred the warmer climates. “Can I stay here for the night? I’ll text Edward that I’m staying here, but I really don’t want to go back right now. I’m tired. I’m angry. I’m… everything.”

“This is your home, Bella, it’ll always be your home even when you’re married,” he smiled at her. “Your room is your room, I’ll never change that.”

So, this is it for now. Until the next update…


xxx Buggy.


PS: New chapters of Intertwined get posted EVERY WEDNESDAY. Tell me what you think of it, please 🙂

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