2017 story recap

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What? I’m early? What’s your problem? *shrugs*

Every year I’m doing a ‘year in recap’ thing for the stories I published that year. Everything prior to 2014 is located elsewhere, because it was time for a fresh start!

Here was a recap of 2014  
And this one is of 2015   
And this one is of 2016   

So, here’s the recap for 2017.

Stories I wrote in 2017:

Outdoor Cooking (wordpress | fanfiction.net) Twilight | Bella / Peter
Once a hero, always a hero

Deviance (wordpress) Twilight/The Originals | Bella Swan / Kol Mikaelson
Kol gets sent on a mission and he returns with more than he’d bargained for, what will he do?

Revival (wordpress | fanfiction.net) Twilight/The Originals | Bella Swan / Kol Mikaelson
(sequel to Intermission)  After her resurrection, it’s his turn to help her.

Divine Happenstance (wordpress | fanfiction.net) Twilight/The Originals | Bella Swan / Kol Mikaelson
Bella’s life had always been a little strange; her flaky mother, her father in a cold weather area that she liked to avoid and a seemingly magical grandfather. Emancipated from both her parents at age 16, when her landlord’s nephews come to town, her life starts to get even stranger.

Total Word Count: 202.491 words (nearly 40k less than last year, at least 250k less than the year before that) Now, I did write more. There’s the notes. There’s the outtakes. There’s the extra bits and bobs. But I didn’t quite publish them, so I don’t count them. And you all know that my first project for 2018 is Intertwined, I’ve been writing that now. But not published yet. So yeah. Not counting that.

Meeko: Yeah and how many words did you write 10 years ago?!

Buggy:  *checks* 41.638 words – 23 small fics, longest being 10k.

Meeko: Quit your whining then. I wrote way less than even that!

Did Meeko and I finish a collaboration this year? NOPE. The plan was to finish writing Between Heaven And Hell, but Intertwined bit harder, BHAH will be finished next year. Promise, it’s our most popular collaboration over at ffnet so far!

How has my writing changed from last year to this year, according to me: I remember saying not to write sequels anymore because they generally suck, and what do I do? RIGHT! Add something onto Intermission! I don’t learn, do I?

I wrote less this year because for most of the year I was traveling each weekend to my boyfriend (3 hours to, 3 hours back) and only got to spend like 3 days at home where I was tired of traveling and didn’t do much. I wasn’t a happy writer. Now that I’ve moved in with the boyfriend, I do have enough time to write and I’m taking it. Yes. *grabby hands*

My favourite story this year: I wanted to try something a little bit new, and I did that with Outdoor Cooking. Granted, I was given a prompt by Meeko, but I did it. And I quite liked it.

My best story this year:  According to all the reviews, seeing the stats on ffnet, Divine Happenstance has been more popular than Sanctuaire. It has more reviews, more faves, alerts. Granted, it has more chapters and words, too.

My personal opinion? None of the stories I published this year were ‘best’. I could have done better. Divine Happenstance was SO MUCH RESEARCH that it blew my brains. I had to keep track of so much and I think that I should leave playing with Greek mythology to the Greek Mythology nerds. Bella was too powerful. I didn’t like writing her that way. Perhaps I didn’t like it as much as it was TOO HAPPY, TOO LIGHT.

I guess I’ll have to vote for Deviance as best story of this year. I didn’t publish it on ffnet, and only wrote it for BetterInTexas, but published it here, too. Deviance was different. Short and sweet.

Story most under appreciated by the universe, according to me: Meh. Revival, I guess, but that’s a sequel. Something I said I wouldn’t write again because they generally suck. I didn’t listen to myself.

Most Fun story: Evil Touch by OldTreeOldTownMeeko and I were shitting around. It’s actually the story that spawned Divine Happenstance. It’s a joke. Poorly written on purpose but damn, such a hoot! And no, I didn’t list it as completed because come on, it’s supposed to be a bonus to Divine Happenstance 😉

Most Sexy story: Outdoor Cooking. Peter the farmer/former marine. Shirtless. Yum.

Story with single sexiest moment: I honestly have no idea.

Hardest story to write: Divine Happenstance. SO. MUCH. RESEARCH. I hate it that I like details.

Easiest story to write: Outdoor Cooking.

Most “Holy crap, that’s wrong, even for you” story:  I didn’t shock myself this year. Did I shock you? Well I guess I was shocked that 95% of my stories these year were light. Mostly light. It’s not me. Guys, it’s not me.

How many fic ideas am I nurturing right now? One. I’m already writing Intertwined and I have another bunny for a Bella/Kol or Bella/Klaus, depending on where the notes for this story will go, still need to feed it more carrots.

2018 writing resolution:  NO MORE SEQUELS.


Coming in 2018:

(Twilight/The Originals) Intertwined | Kol Mikaelson/Bella Swan
(Twilight/Teen Wolf) Untitled | Isaac Lahey/Bella Swan
(Twilight/The Originals) Untitled | Kol Mikaelson/Bella Swan or Klaus Mikaelson/Bella Swan

(Twilight/The Originals) Northern Light | Kol Mikaelson/OC (this is a companion story to Meeko’s Neon Light which is a Bella Swan/Elijah Mikaelson) – gets updated whenever Meeko has a chapter ready.

with Meeko:

(Twilight/The Originals) Between Heaven And Hell | Kol Mikaelson/Bella Swan, Klaus Mikaelson/Myriam Jenkins – OC

And, that’s it! I hope you had fun reading this, it’s always quite interesting to answer these questions, and they’re so not easy to answer!

Have a wonderful holiday season, no, I’m not taking time off from writing, just nothing new will be published this year 😉




  1. You keep track of your writing. I sure don’t. I’d be ashamed of myself this year.

    Good for you! WORDS ♥ WORDS ♥ WORDS ♥

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