Hi perverts of mine, how are you all doing?

Every year, I do a ‘year in recap’ for my writing. This will be the 11th or 12th year that I’ll be doing it and the 4th year doing it on this site!

Here was a recap of 2014  
And this one is of 2015   
And this one is of 2016   

It’s time to start working on this year’s recap, although it won’t be much, as I’ve been quite busy, but I’m doing it anyway! Always good to answer the same questions every year to see what has changed! Last year I opened the floor to you guys, if you had any questions about my writing or stories to leave them in the comments. Let’s do that again! I really enjoyed it!

I know I’ve put an update out like 4 days ago, but I wanted to tell you that I have uploaded chapter 23 of Between Heaven And Hell, the story that I’m writing with Meeko.

Hmm… what else… what else?! Oh, right, if all goes well, I’ll have my new computer on December 12th. Then, of course, all the installing needs to happen, but it’ll be fine 🙂

And of course, here I was thinking really hard about what I wanted to show you and… jeez. Getting forgetful, are we?


The first story I’ll be posting in 2018 will be called, Intertwined!

Click on the lovely banner created by TheDarkestFallingStar to go to the splash page for more info!

Can I share a little bit of this story? I don’t know. I want things to be a surprise for you! Okay, fine, a random quote it is!

“Or kill her. She’s no longer welcome in my house!”

I honestly can’t wait to share this story with you guys. So far, I’ve written 21 chapters of it (I KNOW I ONLY STARTED ON NOVEMBER 22ND AND THAT ALL MY CHAPTERS ARE AT LEAST 3000 WORDS, SHUSH!) and I think we’re nearing the end. But YAY! Story!

So yeah, do give me your questions about my writing or stories. They don’t have to be about stories from this year, but that would be swell if that was the case, though!

Have a great weekend,


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