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This is what I have to deal with lately when writing on my first project of 2018. Thing is, desk is way to small so my keyboard is nearly falling off the edge at times *snort*

So, since our last update, I’ve posted not one, but two chapters of Revival. Part 5 and 6. There’s only one chapter left!

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Also, Fictional Retreat has opened! You can find most of your favourite fic writers there, posting and interacting with each other! Come join in on the fun! It’s a blast! The girls did a fantastic set up of the website and it’s nice and calming. I’ll be posting my stories there too.

I have not uploaded another chapter of Between Heaven And Hell. Are there more chapters? Sure! Do I want to post them? SURE! Is the story close to being finished? LIKELY! However, the first project for 2018 took over my brain and I started that project on November 22nd. Within 8 days I wrote 50k of words (yay, I won the Nano I wasn’t participating in?) and I’m currently writing chapter 20. I know, it’s insane, isn’t it?

And no, it’s not the Isaac/Bella I said I would write. That’ll have to come after I’ve finished this one 🙂

What I did do, however, is make an additonal page for Divine Happenstance with some of the playlist I was listening to while writing the story, like I had done for Sanctuaire 🙂 Hope you like it! Clickie!

In other news, I WILL get a new PC, soonish. I’ve already ordered a laser mouse instead of an optic one, as it’ll be better on the table. I didn’t know this information, so here you go. Buy a laser mouse instead of an optic one if you want it to move on all surfaces without the use of a mouse mat, or even with the use of a mouse mat because my optic one doesn’t like that one either!

I’ve also posted this on my facebook:

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All will be revealed in two days. On my facebook. And perhaps a little message here, but that’s doubtful. So make sure you follow my facebook!

Well, that’s it for now! Enjoy your day/evening/night and be nice to each other 🙂

xxx Buggy

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