Story updates and Admin stuff.

Hey, look at that! You didn’t have to wait a month for an update from me!

Chapter 21 of Between Heaven And Hell has been uploaded, which was last week. I am still working on this story and I want to have it finished before the end of the year. Then at least Meeko and I can have another collaboration to our name that’s actually finished.

Okay, hold on a sec… she’s been wanting to finish Raising the Stakes, our Twilight/Arrow crossover. Aaaaannnd.. unfortunately, BHAH screams louder at the moment and I fear that everything I think of after this story will continue to scream louder… I’ll just have to hit myself in the rear with an arrow I guess…

Today I’ve uploaded Revival part 4. Just a friendly reminder that Revival will have 7 parts in total and then it’ll be over!

If you’re a frequent visitor to my website… no wait… if you are a frequent visitor to my website, are you insane? What are you doing? Go outside. Play. EEP! (just kidding). You may have noticed I’ve been throwing a few things around.

Underneath the fanfiction menu, I’ve now added a Misc. Twilight and a Misc. The Vampire Diaries/Originals category as they were in the random fics at first, but they’re not really random fics, are they? They just don’t fit in my normal crossovery stuff or you know… ah, hell. Never mind. I’ve added, you can find more stories that way.

I’ve removed the Sanctuary tab, nobody was reading those stories anyway.

I’ve added a “Buggy’s Corner” on the main menu bar. If you click that, you will be taken to a list of all the ‘help’ blog posts I’ve written. I want to write more. Give me your questions, damnit! This is also in preparation of what I’m going to offer over at a new website called Fictional Retreat (link to come in about a week!), which is the new place we’ll be going after Better In Texas closes on December 1st.

I have been posting my stories online for nearly 13 years now. I’ve been writing for much longer. I’m still learning new things every single day and I am a fountain of knowledge. But then again, everything I’ll write is MY OPINION and not anyone else’s and people may not agree. Which is totally fine! But I love to help people and if you’re stuck with something, you’re always free to ask me. Either in PM over on facebook or through my contact me page here on the website. And no, I don’t necessarily have to post it here 😉

Hmm… what else? I’ve updated almost all categories with the completed/in progress stories except for the collab tab. Still, have to do that. I’ve updated my About page, but eh, nothing much to fix there…

And in unrelated news, my PC is dying. Like… truly. It has been threatening to quit on me for about … 4 years now, a year after I bought it, and with my previous birthday I bought a new SSD drive and some extra memory to patch it up… but now my video card is being a moron. I hope to be able to buy a replacement computer, a better and more powerful one, soon. But hey, as long as it still turns on so I can write, all is well, right?!

Yep, this was all for this week.

Have a great week everyone and be nice to each other 🙂




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