Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween!

Now, we don’t really celebrate it in my country, but oh well, I came with treats!

Part 3 of Revival is here!

And… chapter 20 of Between Heaven And Hell!

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Also; I’m not going to participate in Nanowrimo this month (November). I never participate in November due to the pressure of words! I only participate in Nano Camp. I had temporarily forgotten this.

Oh well 🙂 I’ve finished writing Revival. 7 parts total and as shown you earlier, part 3 is now up. It SHOULD be enough to tide us over to the new year, because, as you may have noticed over the last 2 years, I like to start the years fresh and end them fresh too. Clean slates. No WIPs (solo stories, I mean, meeko and I have tons of WIPs together).  I’m going to finish writing Between Heaven And Hell, help Meeko with her Fandom 4 Harvey story and start that Bella/Isaac, but I’ll likely not post it until the New Year.

Be safe when you go trick or treating!



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