Pfew. I can relax now?

Hello my lovely perverts!

Are you liking these MONTHLY updates? I mean… this time I had a valid reason to be MIA for a while while I still uploaded chapters of stories. As stated in my last post, I was going to move in with the boyfriend, and thus had to move. My best Dutch friend came over with her boyfriend and her father and on Saturday October 7th, we moved all my stuff in two cars and a small van.

A week later I returned to my old place to clean the hell out of the apartment as the inspector had requested due to me having a cat and smoking indoors. And oh boy.

On October 17th I handed in my keys and closed the door to my flat for the last time. As of October 18th, I’m officially living in a different town, in a different house, with the boyfriend. Oh boy.

Moggy is adjusting well. Perhaps too well. He loves being upstairs and walking the stairs. He still has to get used to a lot of things, but the furry baby is doing well 🙂

This story is now COMPLETE. It’s 41 chapters and about 145.000 words in length. It’s bigger than Beautiful Soul, yo! I want to thank everyone who read the story and commented on it. I’m glad you enjoyed this journey of the demi-Goddess and the Original Vampire!

I’ve just uploaded the 2nd part to Revival, the second part to Intermission. I’m trying to finish the story, but it’s already bigger than I anticipated it to be when I planned this out. I’m currently writing part 7. There MIGHT be a part 8 if I don’t get what I want from these two idiots in this part.

And what’s next? Well, I want to do Nanowrimo this year. But if I haven’t finished Revival, I’m not allowing myself to (I’m mean to myself like that). For nanowrimo, or the next story planned, I have a Bella/Isaac (Teen Wolf) story in mind and while I have notes, I need to add to them to make sure I don’t burn out if I do Nano 🙂

Then, of course, is the fact that I really want to finish writing Between Heaven And Hell. That one grew like a monster as well. (also updated, so check it out!) and Meeko and I really need to finish Raising the Stakes but timezones are a bitch. And my brain is a bitch too, for all these ideas distracting me!

I’ve helped the wonderful Geezerwench with her website with some little things behind the scenes. But wow, her website looks amazing and she did it all by herself! Go check her out!

I’m also helping/beta-reading Meeko’s Fandom 4 Harvey story. It’s… delicious.

Hey, if any of you guys have writing related questions you’d like me to answer or to find out for you, ask me! I’ll make posts such as the ones you can find here!  Comment down below for your writing questions or you can send me a message through the website if you want it to be anonymous 🙂

Have a great day/evening/night/afternoon, wherever you are when you are reading this. Until next time,



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  1. Well, aren’t you a sweetheart! (I still owe you that coffee!) Thanks for the plug!

    By the way, I’ve spent the last couple days updating all those links that didn’t work anymore! 😀 Yay.

    I think I got ’em all. Er … most of them.

    And maybe you can rest for a little while.

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