I took the title of the last blog post too literally; “MONTHLY POST”. This shouldn’t happen.

To make this short and sweet; in my last post I mentioned a story with the working title “I am Borg”, and I can tell you now that it’s a full fledged fic and I posted it. Click on the banner to take you to it!


I’ve posted Chapter 31 of Divine Happenstance today, so yes, that’s 4 more chapters since the last update. Two more chapters of Between Heaven And Hell (a story I write with Meeko).

I’ve already been asked to write more of Deviance. But you know… I might. But it’s so far down the line that it won’t come that quickly. This is my to-do list:

  • Finish Divine Happenstance (nearly there).
  • Finish Between Heaven And Hell (uhhh…) – With Meeko
  • Finish Raising The Stakes – with Meeko
  • Start writing a Bella/Isaac
  • Write sequel to Intermission (remember that one?!)
  • Write a tag to Outdoor Cooking
  • Write sequel to Deviance
  • Start writing a Bella/Kol with an idea that came up when Meeko and I were talking but I think we were planning on doing that together, however, we have many more stories to finish…

And also; when Meeko finishes a chapter of Neon Light, I’ll have to write a chapter of Northern Light…

Anyway, I tend to work on one, maybe two, projects at a time. My brain can’t compute otherwise. So when I get new ideas, or new requests, I’ll add them to the list. At the bottom. Yep. I am so lucky to have you guys as readers and loving what I write. Makes me really really happy, so thank you, and I do my best not to disappoint you.

Lots of love,



  1. Uhhh what idea would that be? *confused* and yeah, we need to get on those projects.

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