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I post to, and some of the reviews were a little… strange. I felt that I needed to answer them and since most of the comments were from a guest, I couldn’t reply in a PM. However, since my explanation is wordy, I mean, too wordy for an A/N without it being an extra chapter, I decided to post it here.

Maybe, just maybe, those people will find my blog and read this. If not… eh. At least it’s out of my system. I am not mad, nor pissed off. I found the reviews hilarious.

Had the reviews been flames or hateful, I wouldn’t have done this. You don’t call out idiots and lower yourself to their standards. This is simply me being amused by the small boxes people tend to think in and I want to defend my story.

So, here are the words that I wrote this afternoon:

A/N: Oh dear. Those reviews on the last chapter! I absolutely HATE Author’s Notes, but I felt like I had to defend myself and my story. Ew. I’m turning in one of “those” people.

First off; this is MY story and I decided to share it with you. I don’t care if you don’t agree with my choices in this story, but I’m writing it. Not you. If you want instant gratification with two people hooking up within the first few chapters, then this is not your story to read. Go write your own or find a different author to read. And no, complaining that you do not like the way that I write my story is not going to change the way that I write. My story. My words.

Secondly; I LOVE constructive criticism. I love reading your words and your thoughts about things and some reviews over at made me laugh so hard that I felt I needed to answer.  As this runs for nearly 1000 words, I thought that was a little excessive to post as an A/N on So I’m posting it here.

Well i thought this was a Klaus and Bella story but like I just read it isn’t.I don’t like the moment where Klaus has sex with the other women.

The main characters of this story are Klaus and Bella. And they will end up together. The road to that point is bumpy. Myriam and Klaus have known each other for centuries. Myriam is Klaus go-to person if he wants some sex. That all changed when two years ago, Bella came knocking for shelter. Klaus grew to like her quite fondly – think like he likes Caroline – and the three of them, Myriam, Klaus and Bella have a mutual understanding of each other and respect the boundaries of the relationships between them.

I think it is so gross that even though Nik thinks Bella is his mate or at least important to him, he still fucks Myriam. Gross just gross! and I hope that Bella and Klaus are not mates in this story because I don’t see a man having sex with another women after his mate was hurt it’s just disgusting.


I hate the term ‘mates’. I didn’t even use it in Fractured Marionette despite the both of them being hybrids. I hate the term imprinting more, but I’m glad you didn’t use it this time.

Bella and Klaus are two consenting adults. They are friends and are quite fond of each other. They’re friends with benefits, as you could say, because even someone like Bella likes to have sex for fun. Klaus is her fun sex, where she can relax and switch off. Bella knows about the relationship he has with Myriam and vice versa. But Myriam’s a consenting adult as well and she’s been Klaus’ secret squeeze for centuries. It’s not gross.

And you know why it’s okay? THEY’RE NOT IN COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS. (Yet)

And i don’t see Klaus knowing Bella for years knowing she has sex with other boys and not be jealous.They can’t be mates. ;(

They’re not. *points to above section* Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what would happen if they WERE in a committed relationship and Bella decides to continue having fun while she hides out from the Cold Ones? What would it do to Klaus if he knew that his girlfriend, his confirmed girlfriend, was still having sex with others? Would he respect that as he had as her friend, or would he get jealous and possessive?

Thirdly; I don’t know how to make it even more clear to you that Débauche is a bar, stripclub and a brothel aside from a shelter for people who are dealing with supernatural issues. Bella’s CHOICE was to work as it’s fun. She knows the risks. Before Débauche she was on the run from the Cullens for 5 years and found that having sex with strangers was a relatively low risk job she could do. Low risk as in, she wouldn’t have to settle and get caught while being on the run. Klaus knows that Bella knows the risks.

Fourthly; I find it fascinating that people don’t like Klaus having sex with Myriam and Bella, and Bella having sex with her clients, as that’s not fair towards Klaus.

May I remind you that both Klaus and Elijah have been after the same girl a few times over the centuries? Tatia, Katerina, Hayley… In the old days it was considered normal to have threesomes! *gasp!*

It’s a little hypocritical to think that in other stories, where Bella has several ‘mates’, that that’s considered okay. But nooo…. don’t have Klaus screw TWO women who consented to be in a sexual relationship with him. They’re non-committed. NON-COMMITTED. That means SINGLE.

Fifthly; I just spent nearly 1000 words justifying myself and this story. My apologies but I needed to explain myself. I want to thank everyone of you guys for reading my words and being so passionate and, in most cases, supportive about it. It’s awesome that people actually like reading my words and my stories, even if they’re not ‘the norm’. So thank you.

Sixth: The squirrel munchers will make their appearance in a few chapters, Andrew 🙂

Seventh: I want to thank Jessica and Meeko for being so awesome and for other reasons. You know why 😉

xxx Buggy


  1. Omg i love your fanfic.

  2. As a woman I wouldn’t be able to sleep with one man when he is sleeping with someone else. I have no problem reading about it or for someone else to do it. But me as a person I wouldn’t be able to but thats my hangup.

    • They’re not in a relationship! Why would it be okay for Bella to demand monogamy from Klaus when they’re not in a relationship? Besides that, Bella sleeps with other men as a job. Single men. Married men. Men in relationships. Seeing as they’re not in a relationship, would it be Klaus’ place to demand that she’d stop doing that?

      Better yet, should they have been together, would it be Klaus’ place to demand Bella to stop doing her job that she’s so happy with doing? No, it wouldn’t.

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